Poison or Pleasure

mythology by azrael-nekhbetAfton Kern

Sagittarius Mars square Pisces Neptune is a akin to a philosophy baptism.  Every action undertaken seems to have an undertow.  Simple tasks take twice as long for all the sight-seeing that must be done between point A and point B.

Give yourself a bit of extra time to let your mind wander and roam – daydreaming is not only expected, it is required under this aspect.  Soft focus on far-reaching horizons will become sharper as this aspect passes in roughly seven days.

Take note these two planets in hard aspect can bubble over into artistic or spiritual devotion as well as an endorphin jones. This rush can be tapped with drugs, drink, exercise or sex.  You get to choose your poison or pleasure – do the math first.

Overly optimistic conclusions swim in the consciousness.  Fantastic fairy-tale endings may rear their dreamy deamon heads – use extra superpowers of logic prior to saying something you may regret later.  Follow the thought train to its logical ending.  Powers of reasoning and prior experience speak volumes.

All in all – fantastic aspects for creating art by tapping your innards.  Psychic muscles  and transcendence by going with your intuitive flow and creating from within/out.
This is not an aspect of lack but of increase and inclusiveness.

The force is all around us.
Use it.


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