Hello lovely peeps~

It turns out transiting Mars in my 9th of higher learning square my natal Sagittarius Mars in 12 has me going at mystical and metaphysical study like a junkyard dog at a porterhouse steak.

Mercury is going retrograde just before the eclipse and I always find it helpful to flesh out the planetary bodies scientifically as well as turning my inner eye upon them.

Mercury has a rep for being neutral, dualistic, adaptable, dextrous, articulate, alert and brilliant.  It is neutral, reflective and associated with the throat chakra / communication.  Mercury expresses polarities, and does so scientifically as well.

One side is extremely hot at 430 degrees celsius, the other is very cold at -180 degrees celsius.  Mercury circles the sun in 88 Earth days, yet only rotates on its axis 3 times for every two trips around the Sun.  Mercury also has a global internal dipolar magnetic field which means it has both a north and a south pole.

In the natal, the closest aspect to Mercury is the way Mercury will find its expression.  For instance, my Mercury is at MC in Libra, and sextile Venus conjunct Jupiter in the 8th of Leo.  I am usually talking about art, music, or metaphysics.  Look to your Mercury to see how you express yourself.


a light in dark places

May I introduce a very talented young gentleman who has been playing mandolin since the tender young age of 5.

Pisces Chris Thile formed the band Nickle Creek with members of his family when he was 8.  Winning the national mandolin championship at the age of 12, Chris was well on his way to fame and fortune in music well before he was old enough to drive a car. Pictured below is his solar chart, which remember, means there is no specific time of birth, so pay attention to the planets in signs, not the houses.
Chris is a life path number 5, he is here to face the challenge of many changes throughout his life.  His will be a life of freedom and adventure and finding personal balance.

One of the first things that jumps out at me is the Saturn (discipline, older people) tightly conjunct Jupiter (teachers) which rules Sagittarius where Neptune (string instruments) is placed.  This speaks to me of being under the tutelage of all the great musicians Chris has had the privilege of jamming with at festivals across the country since he was very young.  (Saturn and Jupiter in Libra, ruled by Venus which rules art)  Pluto is working overtime transforming Mercury Rx (communication, rules Gemini, which rules the hands, dexterity, and young people) and Venus (his art) and his Sun (ambition) in Neptune -ruled Pisces.  Chris also has Sun in the first decan of Pisces which is Neptune-flavored.  Mercury Rx conjunct Venus shows me that he will only continue to improve with age as his Mercury retrograde fully blooms.
Mars, the planet of action conjunct Sun in Pisces is an aspect par excellence for musicians.
Check the solo below, it’s smokin’ hot !

Moon in perfection-driven Virgo squaring (internal conflict) Neptune gives him the passionate drive to learn (Sagittarius of higher learning) his craft (Neptune) until he is the very best he can be.  Creativity and self-expression is his life path with North Node in creative, flamboyant Leo.  If you have heard him play, you know he is frisky and playful, a bit quirky and he loves to have fun ! (Individualistic Uranus square Sun, Mercury Rx, and Venus from Sagittarius)
I give the love of Star Wars and Tolkien to Mercury conjunct Venus in the sign of science, Aquarius (love of reading, science) sextile Neptune (film, fiction) in Sagittarius of philosophy.  Chris is not only very driven (Mars/action conjunct Sun), but he also loves baseball (Mars ruled) and is the great-great grandson of Baseball Hall of Famer, Sam Thompson (Sun along with Saturn can indicate males in the natal chart-and Sun rules Fame).
  Also of note is Sun (creativity, spirit) quintile (spiritual gifts) Venus ruled Chiron (wounded healer, herbalist and philosopher) which indicates generosity of heart and a willingness to help and inspire others via the arts. 
Thank you, Chris for your beautiful song in Elks Park.
Elen síla lúmenn’ omentielvo.