Hello lovely peeps~

It turns out transiting Mars in my 9th of higher learning square my natal Sagittarius Mars in 12 has me going at mystical and metaphysical study like a junkyard dog at a porterhouse steak.

Mercury is going retrograde just before the eclipse and I always find it helpful to flesh out the planetary bodies scientifically as well as turning my inner eye upon them.

Mercury has a rep for being neutral, dualistic, adaptable, dextrous, articulate, alert and brilliant.  It is neutral, reflective and associated with the throat chakra / communication.  Mercury expresses polarities, and does so scientifically as well.

One side is extremely hot at 430 degrees celsius, the other is very cold at -180 degrees celsius.  Mercury circles the sun in 88 Earth days, yet only rotates on its axis 3 times for every two trips around the Sun.  Mercury also has a global internal dipolar magnetic field which means it has both a north and a south pole.

In the natal, the closest aspect to Mercury is the way Mercury will find its expression.  For instance, my Mercury is at MC in Libra, and sextile Venus conjunct Jupiter in the 8th of Leo.  I am usually talking about art, music, or metaphysics.  Look to your Mercury to see how you express yourself.