I see you.

So I am at home today sucking back juice and GSE (grapefruit seed extract) trying to fend off this cold flu thing watching Avatar and it occurs to me – my life parallels this art.

Virgo Sun / Uranus / Pluto in 9, here.
Life, sudden death – metamorphosis – polarity reversal, awareness.

Jake loses a brother, goes into stasis, wakes to be thrown into a completely foreign (virtually deadly) world, rich with unknown hostile giants of tooth & claw.   As is present in all life, polarities emerge: Pandora slowly reveals herself to be breathtakingly divine: she is life-changing and affirming, she is exquisitely engaging and enriching.

Everything is backwards now, like out there is the true world, and in here is the dream.
– Jake Sully

Jake is awakened to limitless possibilities . . . he embraces his quest . . . takes crazy risks . . . his awareness expands . . .  he awakens . . . unfolds like a lotus blooming from the mud.
He finds himself metamorphing every waking and sleeping moment he is firing on all pistons all the time:

Physical earth
Emotional fire
Mental air
Spiritual water

Earthkind is metamorphing NOW via Uranus Pluto square.

Being born with this SUN/Ur/Plu conjunction means this Uranus Pluto square is the breaking AND making of me, for Sun is the ME in the natal. 

With Sun conjunct, this is when I get out my cosmic clipboard and tick off the columns of where I am up to this point.  Why was I born ?  AM I of USE ?  (Didya get the clever twist of Cap rising there ?)

My shining team of 9th house horses that were pulling the same plow at my birth are now at odds and I am basically figuring how to get some cohesion in energy expression through positive outlets with two cranky, snapping horses going two different directions.  Sun is where YOU SHINE in the natal, and right now my shine feels more like coal being compressed.

All earthkind is experiencing this square and a revision of personal goals as they relate to us globally as ONE.  (Uranus and Pluto are slow moving generational planets)

Cosmic clipboard time: How have we progressed since the late 1960’s ? 
We need a bit of global goal tweaking, dontcha think ?
Aries vs. Capricorn

Go vs. Stay
New vs. Old
intense pressure : change/ release/ metaphorical death : rebirth, new growth

The square in the natal is the cosmic testing ground of life contracts via personal goals – by the time we move on to the next round, our obstacle course will be littered with failures and triumphs.
Globally, earthkind is now feeling a need to restructure generational goals. 

Through these years of Uranus Pluto square we will hit the wall, fall over, get back up shake it off, adjust approach – repeat.  
The squares in the contract we were born with will show where we have to find the inner fire to go for it, the inner earth to build it, the inner water to feel it, or the inner air to speak it.

Quick run down for you :
in house Aries
in house Capricorn

This square positively expressed :  we will be clearing our past, ditching the useless, choosing our allies, creating new paradigms, honing our personal energy fields, becoming more streamlined conduits of the universal energy, fighting the good fight for enlightenment, love, peace and balance.