Ray Kalfus - The Road to Sinharat, 1963.Ray Kalfus – The Road to Sinharat, 1963

Eyes up for Venus. 

We have achieved Libra, or are damn sure getting messages leading us directly to her.
Beloved equality, balance, beauty, justice incoming with Libra Venus, Sun conjunct North Node of Destiny.  Goals & spirit meet & greet, destiny reset – get moving on UP.

Where Lunar Eclipse knocked some emo ass to the curb and back, this Gemini Moon picks her up, dusts her off and starts her all over again.  Barn/brainstorming strong communications with quick thinkers and headstrong women sharpen the culling blades.

Leo Jupiter squares Saturn; trines Mars in Sagittarius – faith meets actions, we gain traction while in full faith/status/throw down – work speaks for itself.  Mercury Rx deals from under the deck, tricky diplomat of Desires & Balance reworks the groove in tandem with these eclipses. 

Full Lunar Endings deliver New Solar Beginnings in 11 days.
Where do you most desire balance ?
You Already KNOW.

Work IT !

T-bolt !
Gneiss Moon

Manifesting Flow

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Tarot of the New Vision

Mercury into Scorpio September 27 (Interp here.)
Mercury Retrograde 2 Scorpio October 4
Mercury Direct 16 Libra October 25
Mercury out of shadow Nov 10 (USA)

Two card draw reflecting Mercurial Meanderings.
1 What we are unable to see going in…
2 That which will become clear after Nov 10

What we are unable to see is the creative work behind the Knave of Pents.
He is Earth of Earth, Malkuth (kingdom), study and learning
He is Manifestation Man, the perpetual student teacher who gets things done, patiently building and making material progress.  Outgoing messages surrounding $$ matters are the keynotes of persistent hard work.  Realistic goal sets that will climb in increments as new tools emerge to aid in the task.

Magic Money Mushroom patch.
One spore (pentacle) grows and you’ll undoubtably find its buddies near.

FullSizeRender 4Emotional clarity and opportunities for new enterprises in love and partnership abound after Mercury moves out of shadow.  Creativity blossoms, relationships flourish and social life is once again pleasant and peaceful.  The gifts of purity of heart and spirit.
Friendship and cooperation with the creative divine source.
Going with/being the Flow.