sun rays of promise

Hexagonaria percarinata, or the Petsosky stone (state stone of Michigan) are rounded pebbles or cobbles of fossilized coral that lived in the Devonian period about 350 million years ago when Michigan had a warm inland sea.

A close look at a Petoskey stone reveals the septae, or dividers in each coralite that look like sun rays.

Petoskey, Michigan is a name derived from Chief Ignatius Petosegay of the Ottawa or Odawa Tribe.  In their language, Petosegay, loosely translates to Rising sun, Rays of dawn, or Sun beams of promise.

Petosky stone enriches happiness (Sun, positive, yang) and dispels negativity.


dragon’s head

Ammonites are fossils, previous homes to cephalopods that lived in the seas between 240 – 65 million years ago.
The name originates from the Greek Ram-horned god called Ammon.

In the Middle Ages they were called ‘dragon’s heads’ and worn for protection.  The Blackfoot tribe also wore them to ward off evil spirits as ‘buffalo stones’.

Ammonite is a powerful re-birthing stone; it represents the sacred geometry of the golden mean and the cyclical nature of life.
It is excellent for centering, and relaxation through calming the breath, and pulse.  It can awaken the kundalini and foster harmonious energy flow throughout the body.

If you are very Earthy, or just simply a lover of stones, you may like to find a pocket totem to carry as a reminder to vibrate high energies during the Uranus oppositions to Sun, Mercury and Venus.
Venus is also conjunct Saturn.  Pluto is squaring the above, and Uranus too.

There is energy pushing and pulling in the sky in many earth signs.
…so I am making friends with the Earth energies via ammonite…

Capricorn rules Saturn, Saturn rules rocks , they are made with pressure over eons of time ~ very Plutonic.
Saturn is my chart ruler, both luminaries are in Earth, so I dig rocks. 

They help me focus my energies and practice patience, with myself and others.
….may they help you as well…