hoarse horse

I thought about what image would ease open closed trap minds as I pondered my words here.  I was going to edit for the mainstream masses – sugar coat and please you as the media and marketing so often does.  Lull you into submission with pretty images, phrases and flowery promises.  Fuck that.  I know the term ‘breaking’ in my last post was jarring, I chose the words breaking and making because that is my experience of Pluto.

Pluto and Sun are birth of any kind, including re-birth.
Water breaks, excruciating pain, making of new life.
Pluto is death of all kinds.
How cut and dried it seems in short, shallow words.  In truth, Pluto ravages and rages, thrashing and screaming, or in a quiet rattle, it struggles gasping for life.
In the throes of death spirit wills more life.
More breaths.
No surrender. 

Astro fiends, for Plutonic reference before I continue, this is me:
Pluto conjunct Uranus (shocking shifts) conjunct Sun (spirit) in Virgo 9 (house of mind expansion)

Pluto, Venus (love) conjunct Jupiter (Biggie Size) in Leo 8th (house of Sun overlays natural Scorpio house, Pluto rules) of death, rebirth and metamorphosis

Pluto trine Toro Moon which opposes Neptuner in Scorpio (Pluto rules) which in turn squares Venus/Jupiter in 8

Pluto opposite Chiron (immortal wounding, cannot die therefore learns to heal others while hoping/learning to heal self)

Pluto Uranus [Sun] sextile Neptune in Scorpio (generational, powerful opportunity to heal through [creative] invention)

Much is hidden from me, and I also in turn, hide much from others. Symptom of both heavy Neptune and Scorpio energy.  My secrets have secrets. In fact, that reference is a secret in and of itself.  I made peace with it/him.
A former mentor revealed (prior to my own astro study) that I would die in my sleep  (4th Moon, 8th Venus/Jupes/Fortuna).
How true that is.  Though not in the way she imagined.

(Saturn Rx ruler trine Mars at the backdoor) perceptions (Mars quintile Sun/Ura/Plu; Merc MC),
memory, communications, death and re-birth fluctuate (Moon opposite Neptuner; Moon trine Pluto) wildly in my life.
My secrets surrounding all of the above are thick and deep.
I have learned not to speak of them.
Speaking of my experiences alienates the mainstream because my experiences are the epitome of strange.
Easy to label me a liar, freak, nuts, etc.. when you haven’t lived it yourself.  Easier than having an open mind, a kind heart and a curiosity for the vast unknown universe and the complexities inhabiting/co-creating it.
My metamorphic path is far more rewarding than any armchair platitude.  FACT.

Transiting Venus nears my Uranus while Uranus Rx rolls towards my natal Saturn Rx.
It is TIME.

Where to start ? 
May as well Dive IN. 

Communications happen out of sequence in my life, messages are hard to convey (Saturn Rx 3rd) yet must be conveyed.  If something you read here does not make sense to You – it is not a message meant for You.  Skim it, release it, and move on, there is plenty of free astro healing here for everyone while I heal myself, heal you, and complete what I set out to do.

For the next revelation, keep in mind Toro Moon here, senses keen, tactile especially so. I have held in my hands, examined and admired hand-crafted objects I have not even made yet.  Objects, people have/will be delivered 5 years out of sequence, sometimes less, sometimes more. So when I speak of time travel, finding balance and crossing bridges you know I am speaking my truth, however strange it is.

Oddly enough (without me volunteering any of my back story), Mona, in my past life reading mentioned time as we know it has ceased to exist.  Instantly curious, I coaxed her for more info about her experience, and she relayed the time shifts caused nausea.  Ding.  I suffered from severe undiagnosed, debilitating nausea for years while I grappled with how to find mental, emotional and spiritual balance during the onset of inexplicable weirdness that had become my foot in each world daily life.

That is enough for now.
Maybe all I will ever reveal.
Volumes remain unspoken. 
I have over time managed to complete much quietly before I arrived on this platform at GMA …

I AM becoming more vocal publicly as Uranus Rx grinds over my natal Saturn Rx in Aries + North Node in Aries – both a siren call demanding independence and expansion in thought (Saturn Rx trine Sag Mars).  Surely kind readers, you will allow me a few short bursts across the chasm to the ones I love.

If not, you may find the door.

peace out

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