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Knowing everything past was piling up onto the Full Libra Moon scales: Saturn trine Pisces Neptune, Mercury, Chiron (healing via past) while Saturn is both sextile and in mutual reception with Pluto (which is focal planet of a large T-Square involving 4 planets in Aries and Libra Moon), I kerplunked into the ocean of akashic records, read even MORE Cayce, and last week, I opted for a past life reading.

Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning sky, space or aether and is described as containing all knowledge of human experience and all experiences as well as the history of the cosmos encoded or written in the very aether or fabric of all existence.   The records are described as a library; the universal supercomputer;  the Mind of God.

According to Edgar Cayce, at death, each person is ‘confronted’ with their personal karma via the Akashic Records where each moment, each thought during the lifetime is recorded.  The idea is comparable to the biblical Book of Life which records the names of every person who is destined for Heaven.

Apparently Edgar read energy from eighth density or octave, the potential social memory complex of this planetary sphere; aka. Akashic Record or the Hall of Records.

1st Octave: four alchemical elements of earth (minerals), air (wind), fire, and water.

2nd Octave : evolution of plants and animals.

3rd Octave: Human self-awareness and self-consciousness – rational and intuitive thinking. Love. (Humankind’s current stage)

4th Octave:  All ONE.  Perceiving others as part of the Self.  Compassion. Human individuals experience harmony through personal identification with all life forms.
* Here is the ”social memory complex,” where all experiences of each entity are available to the whole.

5th Octave: Wisdom through compassion; instant manifestation.

6th Octave: Self as Light.

7th Octave: Culmination.  Knowing Micro / Macro as ONE.

8th Octave: Infinity.  Being ONE.

Sixth level density and higher beings can act as helpers for those in lower octaves.  They are often referred to as spirit guides.  [Octaves according to Ra. <~ free books ! ]

Pictured above is Trinity College in Dublin….I fell in love with this image, this library.  This is how I have always imagined the Hall of Records on a small, Earthbound scale.

It is likely more holographic, prismatic, but having Mercury at MC (rules libraries), and Capricorn rising (ruled by structures of the past), Saturn Rx in Aries on the 3rd (natural Gemini house, Mercury again) I AM, of course, fascinated.

For astro fiends, you just read above I AM Saturn Rx in Aries which means yes, lucky me – kit & kaboodle – esp. Uranus – is parking on it at the mo.

This has resulted in weird mystery pains (my Saturn Rx trines Mars {sharp pain} in Sag 12th house sign, which quintiles Uranus in 9), more frequent headaches, toothaches{Aries is head; Saturn teeth, bones and dull aches} my digestion is quite frankly, whack.  (natal Sun conjunct Uranus Pluto in Virgo; tran Saturn Rx opp natal Moon in 4 {stomach} while trans. Pluto trines natal Moon).   Then there is that pesky square I won’t mention.  pfft.  Waxing moon hit Virgo stellium on its way to full at 6 Libra, and I just had to shut ‘er down.

So perhaps you noted the slowing of posts…?…grew curious ?  Now you know.

Now, on to how you find your past lives via the natal chart.
Start here at Nodes of the Moon.
Then look at your 12th House ruler and aspects.

Fixed squares are habits brought over from several lifetimes: they are the test to give up self-will.
Cardinal squares must be fixed by action; mutable squares are the easiest to redeem as they adapt and change easily.
Trines are beneficial – they are talents via past life karmic accrual.

You can follow along in the links above with examples from my own natal chart aspects.  Since I have described my aspects in posts linked above, I will not below – I instead will get right to the weird records.

First I will mention I have had an Akashic records reading before from my friend, Rhonda (The Soul Knows) before I started this page.  She not only nailed my difficulty with emotional entanglements (Leo Venus/Jupes square Scorp Neptune), but she was also getting waves of science (you read here, you know this – Sun conjunct Uranus) visuals.  She mentioned I was working with brainiacs in sleep state via astral travel to the Hall of Records.  One of whom she specifically mentioned, I was actually studying at the time (Elizabeth Kubler Ross).  So yeah, Rhonda’s good ! 

Recently, I stumbled upon another reader, Mona Wind, via Coast -To – Coast archives  (listen to Mona here) and decided to go for it !  Curiously, I have been called Alchemist  by 3 different psychics in the last month, none of whom know me, my work, or this page.  My tagline above is Mercurial Alchemy from the Hub.

Alchemy is Neptune, Pluto and Uranus ruled, all 3 are strong in my natal.

Mona is the second to speak specifically of herbalism, tinctures, my gift for healing and subsequent brutal death for practising the craft in a former life.  She denoted I am ‘flying under the radar’ (South Node in Libra 10 conjunct MC) in order to avoid the attention that has in other lives led to my untimely death from a jealous rival.

Attention as I found in this life as Juan del Castillo, a prominent spanish painter, a teacher of the arts known more for teaching successful pupils than personal artistic technique.  Sadly, I cannot find much info, Mona tells me he (I) was murdered by a rival.

Being an artist myself, I heard painter of Kings at the outset – was a stinker and pressed Mona for a name so I could look up the art and see if it niggled anything – any memories or I don’t know, anything. Truthfully, I got nothing until I saw this one: The Visitation.  I have dreamed of working on this one many moons ago…I was frustrated about something in the work I might add.  Likely feeling second-rate, unhappy at being coined a so-so artist…ah well…such is life.

I am heavily influenced by Egyptian lifetimes, Thoth (second time he has been mentioned; moon, magic scribe, writing) and Horus (Sky God; Sun & Moon, life; death, resurrection, victory god) figure prominently, I was a Mystery School girl.  Makes perfect sense, not much has changed.  When I was asked to choose one dream destination -one place – Egypt is where I picked, but that is another story altogether I will not be telling.

So here comes the part that reads like sci-fi: apparently I am from Beta Centauri.
Wha ? haha from Where ?  (Hmmmph. Who knew ?!  Not me.)

The Alpha Centauri system is not visible from much of the northern hemisphere.  Beta Centauri is the blue star to the right of Alpha.  Okay, so now I am Hadarian . . .  obviously, I have to investigate. 

It basically boils down to I am a lover not a fighter and living the Venus square Neptuney dream.  I love you and then love you some more – regardless of what you do to me.  Forgiveness figures prominently. 

But Hadarian, really ? – to be honest, I took this with a grain of salt – I can identify with some of the traits but then, many people can identify with love lost.  As far as I was concerned – jury’s still out.  I am Capricorn rising, Sun Virgo stellium with Moon in earth.  I’m a realist as well as a dreamer.  Starseeds seemed more than a little woo-woo, but I liked Rosine’s backstory, so I continued reading.

Then I read this: Hadarians can even bend time to their advantage. When a Hadarian really needs to get things done in tight timeframe, they will — because they can stretch time. It’s not something they do intellectually — they just do it. I heard this is something we all can do, or learn to do, but Hadarians are natural experts.

I’m Hadarian.
Peace and LOVE peeps xoxo

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