double deep six diver down

Silver Surfer by Olivier Coipel

Aries is a house on Fire with planetary energies:

Venus / Sun at 5; Uranus at 8; Mars at 10 degrees
Love and money and peace of mind – all hotly edging for the lead.
Venus coming up to Uranus / Mars brings NEWS 
New ideas; actions / goal set / directions

ALL the above are square Pluto in Capricorn 

We also have Pisces Neptune at 4; Mercury at 8; Chiron at 11
they square Jupiter at 10 in Gemini (quiet, reflective)

they also trine Saturn Rx at 10 Scorp which is sextile Pluto (in mutual reception)
Double deep six diver down – rehashing, reworking the past – in order to purge and heal


Jupiter and Saturn are both an apex of a yod
Explore faith in yourself, in your relationships – how communication can be re-worked
Explore your past, relationships re: work, men, patience and authority and efficiency.