Cathrine Langwagen

Venus into Aries

Aries is such a lovely energy, aside from the fact that they are unequivocably resonating the I AM DOING IT ALTITUDE 24/8, they are the shake it off and get on with it already vibe.  Aries are the pick it up, go ON and Rise UP sign their sun shines on my despair (Saturn Rx in Aries) which feels – as you can imagine, very good.

Find your Saturn – those peeps with benefics; Sun, Venus or Jupes conjunct your Saturn will feel lush: they grease the wheels, inspire and rouse you to innovate, create.
Conversely; Aries Suns who have friends with Aries Saturn will feel restriction, tests, the need to streamline, work harder and more efficiently.

If you have Venus conjunct Saturn natal, Venus in Capricorn, Capricorn on 2nd or 7th or Venus in the 10th you are innately streamlining creations, steadfast, loyal in affection and somewhat reserved, vintage driven, built to last – mind / heart / creations set to fabulous form and function. 

If you have Venus in Aries, Venus conjunct Mars, Venus in 1st, or Aries on 2nd or 7th; you are driven by an impulsive, instinctual need for balance between material, artistic, monetary desires.  Cut to the chase Venus Aries loves to hunt Venus is love and money and peace of mind – Venus in Aries conquers – game over – next conquest, repeat. 

Venus in Aries signifies the need to find balanced forward motion – be it dropping love bombs, or trawling the battlefield for love survivors – Venus Aries exudes the grace in moments of harmony between people who aim to excel.  Venus is friendly amidst enemies, fair and judicious, she is encouraging and persuasive, the refined extrovert, subtle in approach – deadly accurate with the blades (Mars) of justice & balance.

Low qi Venus Aries is argumentative, aggressive, perfectly playing persuasive wiles -wrangling love, money and power in order to tip the scales of balance in personal favor.

Full Moon 6 degrees Libra
March 27th 4:27am CST, USA

Full Libra Moon opposes Aries Sun Venus conjunction 6 degrees; Uranus at 8, Mars at 11 and the whole shebang squares focal planet Pluto in Capricorn at 11 degrees.

Long-standing structures, goals are shifting; volcanic undercurrents likely.
Saturn Rx (work, karma, time) sextiles (& mutual reception) Pluto (soul-mining focal planet) in Capricorn while it trines Neptune, Mercury and Chiron in Pisces (which in turn sextile Pluto).  This metamorph is largely unspoken; massive in scale.

Healing via cosmic group think – waves of temperance – trickster raven sees the shiny bits in the Scorpio mineshaft – opportunity awaits, renovation via goal change.
Cardinals MoOove it on out !
They are motivated to kick life into high gear – macro meets micro on the ground running.  Aries Sun is singular exalted enthusiasm
while Libra Full Moon is shared  compromises with another.

This full moon highlights working relationships, personal balance and co-operation.