bind both

Nonlocality refers to the mysterious ability of nature (Einstein called it spooky actions) that enforces correlations between two separated but entangled particles.

These particles can have faster-than-light effects on each other, even when separated by vast distances, including TIME – they retain definite relationships or correlations only through memory of previous contact.  These photons are required by quantum mechanics to have exactly the same polarization state, regardless of separation by time or space – the actions of one always influences the other.

Having a quick browse of Leap of Perception by Penny Peirce this afternoon and loved this entanglement mention and what she calls a ‘New Intimacy’.
In a nutshell: All life is a web, we are interconnected.  All ONE.

I have been going on about bonds and time quite a bit lately due to Saturn and North Node in Scorpio (Saturn/Pluto mutual reception) – achievement and restructuring  goals, moving away from past Saturnian habits, plowing towards future goals/growth by transmutation of power, desires via penetrating personal research.
(This of course applies globally as well.)

Metamorphosis and growth via the depths of Pluto – tantric energies, chi, qi – means the Martian personal will (outward energy) moves into the higher octave of Plutonic divine will (inward energy).  Be the change you want to see in the world.

Monday 12
Moon into Scorpio
3:18pm CST, USA

Moon will meet Saturn, North Node while square Leo Mercury making the instincts hot to trot to work out the emo kinks using creative ideas/approaches.  Leo Mercury squares N Node and trines Uranus making unusual leadershapes take form in the intuitive brain – think deep subconscious shifts that will create new neural foundations.

Jupiter squares Uranus from water to fire, both Cardinal and wanting to kick it UP a notch and NOW.  Cancer Jupiter obviously sees/feels the emotional long-term while in trine to N Node – faith, hope and personal philosophies do a well of psyche clearing house, revealing the guts (moon) underlying the Uranus-Pluto past purge/ future growth vibe.

Be it light – remain optimistic !

Virgo Venus is soon to be free agent – aka minor aspects all that tether her.  She will need to analyze, operate hi qi refined integration – late degrees Cancer and Scorpio are called to build harmony into work via service or self-improvement.

Feel the love and desires, make them work for you.
Virgo Venus, the co-queen of multi-task, will bind balance into both.