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Holy smokes I love this illustration ! 
The Chariot Chick inside of me: Sag Mars (chariot) quintile Virgo Sun Uranus (electric) Pluto 9th is positively giddy – check out the calm, cool I’ve got this Virgo demeanor.  Fantastic.

First, a bit of What’s UP… Moon is in Libra, throughout the day she will move to oppose Uranus forming a grand cross – Jupiter opposite Pluto; Moon opposite Uranus all forming a square.  Internal tension will escalate as the day moves into night here in the US; night moves into day across the globe.

Cardinal energies strain to Head ’em Up and Move ’em OUT.   Cardinals start the season, they lead, so read the below…this is what we will all be doing to work the energies to the highest qi :

I AM putting to USE what I FEEL to find BALANCE

North Node of destiny in Scorpio, folks – dig deep, then go deeper for the psyche transmutation.
Leo Mercury squares Saturn in Scorpio – think about your doors of perception.

Doors are Saturn while closed; Gemini (Mercury rules) while swinging open.
::: Opportunities are all in the PERCEPTIONS :::

Baggage is Saturn aka the past; boxes that open without swinging are Libra.
Saturn is exalted in Libra, strength of commitment, bonds, contracts across TIME.
Mercury square Saturn is thinking it from all angles, Moon in Libra FEELS it the same.
Saturn in Scorpio is digging a deep mineshaft to uncover what is acutely desired above all else – by life or death.

While Moon transits Libra, the strength of our emotionally charged commitments are deeply felt and we will be grabbing that bull by the horns, swinging like apes from the rigging, steering our SHIPS for all we are worth.

Virgo Venus is acutely practical, she analyzes – then strikes – deftly.  Mars in Cancer cuts to the emotional chase – aggressively clingy – dropping one crisis like a hot iron  to power ahead to the next emo crisis.  What a combo, yeah ..?!?
This is the astro that gets the EMO work done.  SNAP !  Though it would do us all well to remain sensitive to others and their feelings.
Now to turn personal, I am a craver (first house, Mars ruled) of unusual intensity in emotional relationships.  Only now, understanding astrology, am I finally coming to grips (Pluto transit One, opposing Seven) with my crazy mistakes (Uranus/Pluto rule) and subsequent struggles to rise despite them.

If you are near me, you are getting it too via MY PROXIMITY TO YOU.
Sorry about that.  The transmutation thing I carry 24/7.
It IS me.  Born with it.  Like it or not.

Being a Sun conjunct Uranus Pluto during this long-term Uranus-Pluto square is the breaking and making of me and you and what we are to one another.  Just by being alive, walking around sucking air I am creating metamorphosis.  In broad daylight across the world – 9th house.

Rise UP
peace & LOVE

PS.  Thanks for the kind offer, though for the record I would rather please you on the hood.
You know who you are.

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