Win Winds


I went looking for a one card draw to illustrate
Mercury square Saturn in Scorpio

Thursday 8
Mercury into Leo
7:13am CST, USA

I wanted one card to distill the essence
of this
Mercury aspect
in the sky web

Mercury thinks in tricks, trades
While in Leo: perceptions tweak on
romance, creativity, spirit

  games and kids

these two energies
Mercury vs. Saturn
feel internal irritation – forcing change

Saturn works in isolation, climbs
While in Scorpio: Saturn uses work to
analyze, restructure, streamline
control and penetrate

Saturn and Pluto are in mutual reception
finishing each other’s sentences
working as a team

PAN, The Fool: Olympus Tarot
Asteroid 4450

(Currently at 9 Gemini)

Pan is the God of herding flocks, mountain wilds
lusty chases and sexual desires
flutes and reeds
a fleeing nymph was turned into a reed
Pan still chases her

Pan is the son of Hermes (Mercury)
very apt draw for Mercury square the father, yes ?

Pan in your natal is your wild nature untamed
where you feel or inspire Panic

Under this sky, thoughts are given form
they are heavy and dense
make them LIGHT

Go easy on yourself for being human
work to change the thoughts that block your progress

Go deep into territories Capricorn and Scorpio
desires, time, work
transmute past failures into future wins / winds



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