Kismet Key

Steampunk Tarot

Quick read for Moon Pluto square Uranus
Intent: clarity leading to highest good of all.

Ten of Pents / Moon : Key to happiness is gratitude.  Need what you’ve already got.  Material stability and friendship.  Scorpio Saturn trines Chiron – insights into healing the material world: money, property, sensations run high.  Moon is nearly exact conjunct Pluto !

Queen of Cups / Pluto :  A loving woman smoldering with intensity of purpose stands steadfast as your emotional port in the storm.  She is your guide, she is your muse, she is your vessel lifting you into the higher realms.

Temperance / Uranus :  Needed changes become obvious, are in fact, already deep in progress – overseen by unseen guidance from invisible realms.  Kismet, synchronicity and instincts meld into your magickal metaphysical key to unlock all doors previously hidden from view.

Spirit :  Seven of Pents :  Overseeing progress and effort thus far.  Intuitive reckoning and the divine counterbalance / balance of creation on the material plane.
A cosmic heads UP.

may you forge your key swiftly