Straight – no chaser.

Sun into Scorpio
Monday October 22
7:14 pm CST, USA

Sun enters Scorpio conjunct Saturn; trine Neptune Rx / Chiron in Pisces.
Belly up to the bar, another shot of Scorpion on the house.

Straight – no chaser.
Saturn and Pluto are in mutual reception . . . and they are moving to sextile each other.

This is your opportunity to have a rodeo round-up and cull the herd. 
What is your past problem that still feels like dragging a dead horse mile after mile ? 
What is in your memory bank that does not serve your highest calling ?
What is in your life that is no longer running parallel to your path ?
::::  ? ::::

Who walks beside you and who tries to slow your progress ?
Who is your fellowship and who has got your back ?
Cull the herd accordingly.

If that sounds tough, well welcome to my world, I was born with Uranus Pluto up my nostril both conjunct Sun, and I have some whammy Scorp / 8th placements.

If we want to turn our world around: MICRO and MACRO, tough decisions are required.
Scorpio Sun will shed light and increase perception on the material matters and powerful transformations you have been juggling / morphing between your Capricorn and Scorpio houses. As Pluto rips up, transforms Capricorn house – Saturn formulates structures and rebuilds your Scorpio house.
Saturn infused with Plutonian energy trine to Pisces Neptune and Chiron manifests as tangible healing that occurs almost imperceptibly. . . as if in a waking dream.

Sun in Scorp is a creative, passionate, probing Plutonic metamorph – DIVINE WILL – is in progress. Transformation via razor sharp perception, quick and clean, we are about to get supercreative with our metamorphosis.
We are mining for all we are worth – the priceless power  – the fire in our belly.

The Svadhisthana or Sacral energy center holds
:: sensual desires :: personal power :: the need for control ::

The goal is NOT to possess power – but to RADIATE it.

Love, money, creativity and partnership opportunities are favored, flavoured and flirty as Virgo Venus sextiles Mercury and North Node of Destiny in Scorpio.

One thing about Virgo Venus – she is practical. 
She’s taking notes, running the figures and keeping score.
I mean EXACTLY how viable is this ‘woo woo destiny thing’ ?
Is it built to last ?  We don’t wanna go through that again.
Virgo will sort Venus out – she’s a bit too perfectly picky for love, but she is excellent for financial wizardry on the budget.  She requires the balancing of minutiae.

Bringing all mental processes to visionary heights is Sagittarius Mars opposite Jupiter Rx in Gemini.   RETHINK GOALS, adjust philosophies, open your eyes and SEE.

Any Virgo Venus flirting is apt to be sexy / succinct. 
Straight – no chaser. 
Eyes open.

May the delicious Scorpionic slink be yours…

Up next…
Tuesday October 6
Mercury stations Rx
5:04pm,CST, USA