bare bones

Knowing how to be solitary is central to the art of loving. When we can be alone, we can be with others without using them as a means of escape.   – Bell Hooks

Moon into Capricorn.
Feel like being left alone in the quiet to work ? 
The time is right.

Moon moves to conjunct Pluto, which means she will square Uranus in Aries as well.
Incoming emotional overhaul with some brainiac storms brewing – laying new tread to far distant horizons. [stress and progress lies in your Aries & Libra houses]

Sagittarius Mars is moving to oppose Jupiter Rx in Gemini, so introspection and culling your excess brain baggage is primo ! 

Late degree Libra Sun is finding her balance while Venus sextiles Mercury and North Node of Destiny in Scorpio.  Insights on future loves, money and creative paths are unfolding at your feet.

Saturn, Mercury and North Node in Scorp : Saturn and Pluto in mutual reception.

Scorpio lives in the deep dark waters, intense desires are primal, pulsing, but lurking . . . they remain unspoken.  Scorp energy holds it close to the vest. 

Listen closely for what is not said – actions speak louder.  Body language is an immediate tip off.  Saturn in Scorp is a crash course in how to create and retain boundaries.  So while you are watching the body language of others, you may want to be aware of your own as well.   Mercury in Scorp = keen insight.

You also may want to .ahem. bone up on your Indiana Jones bullwhip techniques.
Saturn rules whips and Pluto, sex….for those of you interested, that is.

Early degree Scorpio Saturn trines Chiron Rx in Pisces.  Heal your body through balance.  Balance of mind, ambition and desires.

I have been culling massive amounts of notes, and this Uranus Pluto square : with Pluto in my first house : is ripping up turf right and left.
Pluto is changing everything – absolutely everything in my 1st and 7th houses.

Plus a whole bare bones new mindset – Pluto is squaring my Saturn Rx in 3rd.
If it doesn’t work – zero tolerance. 
Outta here. 
  I have no interest in what used to be I am no longer the same person I once was.

I rode that white stallion from yesterday into . . . my future.
Two Libras, gone.  Two Geminis, gone.

My heart wasn’t in it anymore.
It was time.
Happy trails y’all.


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