One of the things I love about astrology is how it explains so much about people.
Astrology explains who and what, even how you like.
For instance Neptune is my most highly aspected planet and it rules the sea.
I should be an ocean gal, then right..?!
Mountain girl all the way !
Why is that..?
My Neptune has squares (conflict), while my chart ruler, Saturn (Saturn is Earth, rules Capricorn my Ascendant, is the mountain goat) has a trine (ease) to Mars.
That feels better.
Look to your chart, you will find yourself naturally going for the trines and sextiles every time.  They are the back door, the trapdoor, and the secret passage out of trouble with squares and oppositions in your chart.

Here is a pic of stuff I had gathered pre-astro knowledge.


I have Saturn trine Mars (steel, fire & the forge).

Sun conjunct the morphed metal is my Virgo Sun conjunct Uranus Pluto (heat, change, morph, forge) in the 9th (lucky horseshoe).I have Libra at Midheaven (ruled by Venus, art), hence balance sculpture/art.
My Venus (art, friends) is conjunct Jupiter in Leo (creativity, luck).
I am an artist, and have creative friends, I like cats.
I have a ‘thing’ about naming things. Mercury (names) at MC, with Neptune (fictitious names) most highly aspected.
I have changed my name to something mystical – representing polarities, time and union.
My cats have names that mean ‘friend’.
Neptune is my most highly aspected planet and it rules film & photography.

Look to your chart to see what you like written in the symbols of the skies …

2 thoughts on “Astrobling

  1. ah, such a nice post. your words and image made me immediately think of cyprus which is where i live and my ‘partner of sorts’. you could be happy here! as a cap sun, he is definitely the mountain goat but that goat is often depicted with the tail of a fish: he LOVES the sea and is an avid fisherman. but..not to be IN the sea so much, just to stand on the edge and fish. and he can almost always tell you exactly what phase the moon is in which one needs to know for the weather and for fishing conditions. his moon is also in cap…thank goodness for the taurus ascendent to slightly warm what can seem to be emotional coldness. he is SO saturn lol

    i am virgo/libra/sag and as you know, and especially for someone new to astrology, its a lot easier to analyse someone else than your self. it is crystal clear, though, that i am very earthy in the houses and areas that i choose to live (for the last 9 yrs, on the side of a mountain about 15kms and within sight of the sea in an old forgotten village where the houses are stone and the olive trees are ancient). libra occupies my 12th and rules my 1st so i am constantly drawn to people who like to philosophise, who will state what their experiences have come to mean to them on their journey – so that i have more to think about when i am in typical hermit mode. 🙂 my sag moon in the 2nd and jupiter at home in the 9th house explains how i ended up on the other side of the world from where i was born.
    i am not advanced enough to talk about my angles though i know its crucial. i ‘get’ it and can sometimes see them but i am still absorbing the houses.

  2. Welcome back Mary Beth !
    My apologizes for not answering sooner, but I wanted to take my time to reply at home after work. Your home sounds lovely, I googled photos of your area, such lovely skies and rocks and seas… I am sure I would love it.
    A village of stone homes and fresh fish and olives sounds great ~

    haha so your partner is SoOo Saturn ? ! I can relate. Both my parents were Cap Suns / Scorp Moons, born 10 years and 10 days apart. I am a little Cap rising, and I love mystical Sea-goat Capricorns ~ there is much to us under the tough shell, as I am sure you know.

    Venus as chart ruler for both you and your partner is wonderful. Yes, Sag loves freedom to travel and wander the globe and their thoughts are the just the same…
    I just looked it up, Cyprus is ruled by Taurus; Cyprus trees by Venus and Saturn. Very interesting with your astro, yes ? Thanks for dropping by Mary Beth…

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