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Hi all !

Zombie Tarot
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What’s UP for us during Pisces Moon…what to keep an eye on ?
Intent: insight, highest good, most benevolent outcome for all of my readers.

Just FYI:
These public reads are always activated WHEN you read them, so if it comes up for you, the reader for the FIRST time, 10 months (or whenever) from the date posted – it is Activated At That Time.  If you read it today, stumble upon it again next year, it is activated AGAIN At That Time.
Personal Experience, so pitching it out there for y’all.
Page of Wands Very positive message on the way – leading to new growth and independence.  Fired up with enthusiasm & encouragement, this page is Flash here to fill you UP with fire.  Take a bite out of life !

Ace of Cups – Lunar Angel, YIN and Pure with Love coming back around in cycles like the tides of the seas and the phases of the moon.  Deep intuition, subconscious meanderings, the reservoir of all your relations are yours to tap into with this Full Moon.
One of Cups is purity – loving freely without expectation.

Second message is present in this card – angels are sending it down through another, your dreams or intuition, or perhaps a totem.  Heads UP !

Love bonds and contracts: Saturn conjunct Venus and North Node of Destiny all rolled into ONE.

Soulcard – This one is yours to interpret !