Agile Analysis

andrew-lincoln-001Andrew Lincoln

I love, Love, LOVE The Walking Dead.  Crazy mind fuq tv.  See prior TWD posts here. 

Andy is a Virgo Sun, Aries Moon with a tidy T-Square between Scorpio Venus opposite Taurus Mars both square focal planet Jupiter in Aquarius.  Reserved (ala Virgo), but packing an underlying intensity of drive, purpose and intellect.

Mars in Taurus is relentless, will not back down or give an inch re: work, love or money.  Great work ethic and when working high qi, aggressively practical, peacemaking and commonsensical.  They are patiently cool as a cucumber until their Mars gets ahem aggravated, then all bets are off. Hair-trigger monster you can’t stuff back in the box.  (Familiar, Toro Moon here.)  Tapping this obviously works in his favor during zombie apocalypse freak-outs.  Killer Within –  stunning, brilliant scene, well done.

Venus in Scorpio, always an interesting placement, is in detriment aka opposite its ruler and immediately in peace talks to express itself well.  Scorpio doesn’t always excel at diplomacy being a sign of power struggle.  (I have a similar energy, Venus in 8th.)  While Venus trines Saturn in Cancer (also in detriment restricting/refining emotions) delivering an emotional depth and steadiness, it squares Jupiter in Aquarius which indicates periods of high energy expansion followed by separation.

Mercury/Pluto in Libra in tight trine to Jupiter Rx in Aquarius (all within 3 degrees) indicates a powerful transformative thinker; relationships with faith, honor and trust and the balance of same deliver mental transmutation/mind-expansion in odd unusual ways.  Resiliency of thought, perceptions, viewpoints while also tuning into the subtle vibrations of a group.

Aries Chiron opposite Uranus in Libra, is a lightning bolt of unusual awareness when dealing with justice and weighing all the options.  Thinking & acting fast with precision (Chiron quintiles Saturn) offering family and bonds where there were none.  Uranus in quintile to North Node in Capricorn also magnetizes steady work, unusual alliances and unexpected balance and harmony through the same.

Saturn is focal point of a yod aka receiving pressure from Neptune in Sagittarius (which sextiles) Jupiter in Aquarius – bonds of family/genetics, home/work, film/teaching.
Ok, here comes the perspective shift – I love it that everyone who is part of TWD says it is everybody’s show, they feel like family and they feel like we are family too.

Saturn is structure/rules and Cancer is family – this is revealed in TWD by a code, a pact, an alliance – no one gets in unless they answer the questions correctly.  This focal Saturn is a brilliant expression of a tool they have used to survive as a family.
Andy’s Saturn squares Mercury tightly conjunct Pluto in Libra; squares Pluto exact.
Mercury rules questions; Pluto, death.

Here are Rick’s questions:

How many walkers have you killed?
How many people have you killed?
Why ?

Amazingly succinct astrological synchronicities, I love it.

In closing, Andy has Venus in Scorpio at 1 degree which means he has new beginnings in store at the New Moon Solar Eclipse at 0 degrees Scorpio on October 23.
Well done, can’t wait to see the new season !

Peace out
Gneiss Moon