Magicicada Molt

During periodical cicada season in the forest, there are dead shells in piles underneath the trees, and also the deafening drone Cicadas develop underground sucking juices from plant roots until after 13 or 17 years, when they emerge, climb onto nearby trees and molt into winged adults. 
Male cicadas sing (species specific) courtship songs by vibrating membranes on the underside of the first abdominal segment. 
When a friend once told me I had an ‘easy chart’, I was not amused.  She should have looked further – what an insult !
A different friend said I needed to ‘defy the chart’, as if I could make my brown eyes blue, wad up my BC and re-enter as a newborn snap ! with shiny new aspects.

Defying the chart is not as simple as a hazmat suit, bullet-proof bracelets or a quickie Vegas divorce from shit aspects. I signed onto Earth school to learn specifics in my chosen fields (houses) – defying my natal seems rather like missing the point. 

To navigate any tough aspects, the requirements are patience, vigilance, focus – learning to see, understand their weaknesses, their strengths – learning how to work with them as the skies move.

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