hey hey hey

Chez Luna is digging the Scorp Moon – Mercury/Venus trine my Neptuner.
Riding the Capricorn Full Moon on the 40th.


Memories come flooding back and only toes into the water thus far.
June 21 Sun into Cancer
June 25 Jupiter into Cancer
June 26 Mercury Rx in Cancer (direct July 20)
Saturn Rx in Scorpio (direct July 8)

North Node in Scorpio
Neptune Rx in Pisces (direct Nov 13)

Chiron Rx in Pisces (direct Nov 19)
Water signifies endings & beginnings, compassion, tears, healing, desires, suffering,  nurturing, beliefs and delving deep six – psychic links to the cosmic ALL ONE.
Everybody into the pool !

Time to channel Aquaman. 
Sonar, breathing underwater, telepathy via water, superhuman strength & equilibrium while in flux.
Oh yeah baby, I’m IN.

First degrees of…

Toros and Virgos
– – opportunities are knocking soon !
First degrees are smoking hot for opening new doors  – – Virgos: global friends, aspirations and teamwork reveal new horizons in learning; Toros: you merge new information, honesty between siblings, neighbors into how you think.  Capricorns will foster a new awareness of how the other feels, think compromise – learn how to bend, activate understanding.

Scorps and Pisces are catching the baton from water to water eyes on the prize, keep a slow, steady hand – – Scorps: go BIG via learning, mentoring (teacher is also student) and exploration, travel is favored; Pisces feel a rush of creative juices, enjoy a second childhood, take a gamble on matters of the heart, leisure pursuits turn lucrative.

Aries and Libra get your game on tense obstacle course ahead – – Aries: home and family takes center stage, channel restlessness into imagination station; Libra: career, status and ambitions force a big step forward, family supports you.

Geminis gain a fresh zen altitude, peace of mind and creativity high; Sagittarians regenerate desires into brand new horizons, fresh starts, rebirth from the ashes.

Leos gain a new enthusiasm for transcendence through art, healing, daydreaming – think inclusive creativity, tap the cosmic source.
Aquarians will have more work than they can shake a stick at (hey, have fun with that I am kissing that shizz na na na na hey hey hey goodbye) personal responsibilities and daily routine becomes a juggle, expand your mind – the rest will follow.

Cancer, y’all have 2 benefics incoming meaning double lucks and happiness come home (literally) to roost, your personal energy vim & vigor goes through the roof, personal philosophies and leadership pave new inroads, compassion towards others and exploring extended family beckons.