Justice and the Peace

Time for a tarot oracle card reading !
Fallen Angel deck by Nigel Suckling.
One card draw to determine energies.
Spirit card at the bottom of the deck.
Intent –  best direction on the path for the most benevolent outcome for all of us~

Amon : Element, Air / Planet, Moon
Seek peace from a position of strength, Amon can see the path of the past and future which is helpful in making decisions.  Amon is a great warrior if need be, but also an excellent diplomat reconciling those at odds with each other.

Botis: Element, Earth / Planet, Mars

Short term pain leads to a lasting and just settlement.  Botis bears a sharp sword of justice, cutting through confusion to reveal the root causes of disputes.  He gives the courage to make difficult choices that bring pain in the short term, but reconciliation and peace in the end.



Eleggua is the gatekeeper standing at the crossroads of all life.  He walks between heaven and earth, day and night and is the messenger of the gods to the peoples of Nigeria, Benin and to Afro/Cuban practitioners of Santeria.
He watches human decisions and determines if the open path will lead to progress or to payment.

Similar to Osiris the Egyptian god of the dead, Elegua is gatekeepeer at the crossroads as humans pass from this life into the next.  Also known as a trickster, he is similar to Mercury or the Magician.

I am burning Eleggua incense as a blessing and a prayer that my path will be swift, clear and well-lit as I write.   Appropriate as transiting Pluto (gates to mysteries, metaphysics and the underworld) squares (creative tension) Saturn Rx (discipline) in the 3rd (writing, communication) in my chart at the mo.

* Note: Garlic may also be used as payment at the crossroads.

Sun and Saturn are trine (ease) Neptune (inspiration) in Aquarius (innovative, inspired thinking).  The Mercury Venus (writing, thinking) conjunction in Scorpio is good for research and metaphysics.  Jupiter (luck and abundance) is trine (ease) Pluto (rules Scorpio, opens the gates to the underworld, mysteries and metaphysics) from Taurus the hard-worker.

Blessed be~ may the door open swiftly, and the path be clear in your life as well.