delve deep, cosmos

Hello beautiful people~
This post is for my friend Andromeda who was asking about an I Ching tarot deck.
This is the I Ching – Holitzka published by AGMueller, artist: Klaus Holitzka.

One card draw, with spirit message from the bottom of the deck.
Intention: enlightenment and clear vision on the path to the most benevolent outcome for all readers.

The first card I drew seemed too personal, so I asked the cosmos to delve deeper but more universal.
The universe answered with this card.  haha, that works !
fyi: I am not using the little white book included for interps, for that I have other sources.

Clustering :  Gather assemble collect, crowds; a great effort brings great rewards.
Success ~ the way is open ~ unite people through common purpose in order to achieve great works.  Have a plan and carry it out.  The people gather around a strong central vision.  By contemplating how people come together, you can understand the motives of all beings under heaven.

Augmenting : Increase, expand, develop, pour in more, a fertile and expansive time.
This is a time of increase, advance and development.  Increase your involvements and pour in more energy.  Have a plan and carry it out . (again !) It is a good time to begin a major project or new enterprise.  Enrich everything, give without limits, like the rising sun.  Stimulate people at their work.  ( Is this not Mars in Virgo, the sign of work and service ?! )  When heaven spreads out, earth gives birth.  If you reflect this, you can move with the flourishing time.

all the best~