say Grace.

Mesmerizing Grace Jones.
I was transfixed as a teen by her stunning individuality and provocative presence. I read, watched everything I could get about her then, and I still have a pic of her from an old Creem mag from ages ago – and obviously Zula was a win for Conan freaks like me.  When I saw this cleverly caustic video ripping corporate culture, I had to look up her deets !

Taurus Sun and North Node; Libra Moon/Neptune – Venus co-rules both signs – so yes incredibly artistic, knock-out gorgeous and with Venus in Moon-ruled Cancer, she is all woman, very feminine.

Yet Grace possesses such an unusually innovative femininity.  Mercury conjunct (its higher communication octave) Uranus (the unique) in Gemini while trine to Libra Moon/Neptune delights !  – delivering an edge of rebellion and a revolutionary approach to conventional, traditional beauty.  Gemini thinks about Libra balance; tinkers and tweaks the thought processes of the public re: image. (Moon, Venus)

Grace exudes refined intellectualism (Mars in Virgo as well) coupled with the rolling thunder sensuality of her Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Leo aka. formidable willpower to transform through artistic creativity.

Mercury/Uranus opposite Jupiter in Sagittarius (sign it rules) is pushing the edges, the awareness of boundaries (gender, race, power) exploring the philosophies of people and the inter-relations between them on both a personal and global scale.

Grace has Jupiter in Sagittarius – both rule the legs and thighs.

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