Time Warp Agaaaaain

time in a bottleHey astrofreaks !  Happy New Moon !
We are thick as thieves in Scorpio – New Moon, Sun, Venus, Pallas Athena.

I am back working/writing with a vengeance after a nice long break from both jobs to get my head and heart right.  I culled plenty, still more to finish up as I move into the weeks ahead. I got a wild vibe and went outside and started trimming and cutting everything in sight during the eclipse so I could be under its rays/shadow – then salt water cleanse.
Felt great !  You ?

I have been working on the 2015 calendar, will continue to do so tomorrow, but If you want to see exactly what you are getting for your $ 15.00 – voila – a free sample. 

>>>>> Your free copy of November 2014 can be viewed here. <<<<<

It’s a Fantastic Tool for the Times.
To view November, click on the right arrow on the upper left.
Note: This freebie is on Central Time.  If you buy the 2015, you can change the whole-shebang To Your Time Zone in one swell foop.

This timekeeper contains specific deets: planetary ingress, retrogrades, shadowzones, powerful transits, stelliums, etc.. that will enhance what I am writing here at GMA.
When I update my master, yours updates also.
You get the astrological heads UP a year in advance so you can work the energies to your advantage.  Yes !

To read/copy/share the free sample, you do NOT need a Google (gmail) account.
If you want to buy 2015 in its entirety, you DO need a Google mail account (gmail) which is FREE.

The calendar can be modified by you to reflect Your Time Zone.
You can synch it to Androids and iPhones, Access it Quickly, Anywhere.

If you can’t wait to get your hands on my action -packed 2015 calendar

1 – Donate $ 15.00 into the hands/$/heart tip jar (paypal) on the main page
2 – I’ll get your e-mail addy with your donation (if you set up gmail first, it’s quicker)
3 – I’ll e-mail you, we make a trade & I share all the groovy deets

Right on.
Thanks !

Peace out
Gneiss Moon