Supernova Virgos

Rassouli – Birth of the Sun

How ya doin’ Virgos ?  Got Mars ?  lol.  yeah.  A generation of late 60’s Virgos are feeling the heat like me.  Mars retrograde all over the Sun Uranus Pluto conjunction. Fun times !  

Birth is ruled by both Pluto and the Sun.

The Sun is life.

Pluto is divine will, inner energy, sex, struggle, helplessness, death, research, mines, psychoanalysis, nuclear energy, morphing.
(Morpheus is the mythological shaper  of dreams, he would transmute his form to enter the dreams of humans.)  The definition of transmutation is to change or alter in form, appearance, or nature – especially to a higher form.

Pluto brings (re) birth – – but. only. after. labor.

Initiate change, or you will be forced to change.  Wherever Pluto lands in the natal, or by transit, some part of your life will die and be reborn over and over and over again.
You will be forged, re-made. (click)
Better. Stronger. Faster.

Pluto is the inner furnace – the fire in our bellies. Divine will and energy of life turned inward to create metamorphosis.

Mars is the outgoing flame, the desires expressed.  Personal will and energy turned outward in relentless drive and forward thrust.

Pluto rules Scorpio and is the higher octave of Mars (which was Scorpios traditional ruler).

Yet, the Mars above us in currently retrograde in Virgo.  Retrograde motion is the energy of the planet turned inward, it is a time of appraisal and action on the internal landscape regarding all things Virgo.

Late 60’s Virgos know there is a rolling boil, a silent powerhouse of energy in the Virgo house at the moment.
Sun is nuclear, Pluto is nuclear, Uranus is magnetic, awake and cracking in Aries and Mars Rx (rules Aries) is breathing down our necks !

Virgo is ruled by Mercury – – with Mars Rx in her sign, the inner dialogue is working overtime (Saturn Rx will be finding balance in Libra soon too) analysing and sorting, creating order out of mental chaos.  The blade (Mars Rx) is sharp, lightning fast, and efficient.

Now about Sun (birth) and Pluto (rebirth).

I started thinking about the volcanic fire in Virgo bellies and thought nuclear.

Pluto rules atomics, and the Sun is nuclear, magnetic.
When a star dies, it expands to become a red giant, then shrinks to a white dwarf.

If a white dwarf is in a binary star system, it can collect matter from the other dwarf star. Its mass slowly and steadily increases, the pressure at the center becoming so great that fusion occurs. If it exceeds the Chandrasekhar limit, then the white dwarf star explodes in a thermonuclear supernova.

The energy of the explosion synthesizes new elements, particularly those heavier than iron. These fresh, new elements are then sprinkled into the surrounding gaseous medium, enriching it. Therefore, later generations of stars formed after the supernova contain more heavy elements than previous generations. In fact, the enrichment of the gas in our region of the Milky Way reached such a point that a sufficient quantity of heavy elements existed to give rise to life, as we know it, here on Earth. (source: click)

Life, death and rebirth macro style.

The first law of thermodynamics states :
energy cannot be created or destroyed, it only changes form.

Supernova remnant captured by NASA’s Chandra X-Ray Observatory