Magician on the Mountain

1821-934xVladimir Zotov

Mercury in Capricorn
Magician meets the Mountain.
Mind makes a Mark on the Material.

Mercury in Capricorn is focused, structured, it builds and fortifies.  This is air in earth therefore slower, more responsible and goal oriented on the material plane.  (Note Mercury rules wind instruments and small pets, Saturn aged stones.)

Where Mercury in Taurus thinks of their own comfort; Mercury in Virgo (earth) is duty bound to service within their community;  Mercury in Capricorn is determined to reach a broader public scope via the world at large.  This Mercury puts thinking and communicating to USE in socially responsible ways and means.  Mercury in the sign of Capricorn is serious and disciplined, tactful and conservative – here is a man/woman of few  but weighty words.

Mercury in Capricorn indicates diplomacy and justice with the written and spoken word – don’t be hasty !  In addition, this placement of Mercury tends towards melancholy due to the influence of Saturn (rules Capricorn) note also the tendency towards pessimism and severity.

This Mercury is capable of high qualities of concentration that more than makes up for the restrictive quality of Saturn’s influence.  This Mercury perseveres and will not give up, no matter how hard the climb.

Thinking positively and cultivating joy is of utmost importance or fear can set in and warp the circuits. Mercury in Capricorn can also reveal more than one career or work path, father figure or perhaps working with siblings.

Mercury is capable of genius multi-tasking, Saturn of much concentrative study.  This is quite a lovely pairing for writing and teaching as well as communicating and diplomacy.  Curiously, this Mercury placement feels old when they are young + feels young when they are old.
Mercury and Saturn rule youth and age, respectively.

Gneiss Moon