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Fixer's manifestoSugru

Repairs/Recycle/UPcycling ruled by Uranus
See 4 above
Freedom & Independence – very Uranian !
Note also (read below) Sonia is a trained scientist (video) which is ruled by Uranus.

When I was a kid, I spent most of my time running off into the woods out back, playing in the creek catching frogs and messing around in the mud and the muck.  Not a fan of Barbie.  Somehow I ended up with one ( ? ) and not surprisingly, she was prone to idiotic naked ditch dilemmas, crying for rescue from my Bionic Man/Woman or Star Trek action figures.

For the record: I do have a Venusian vibe: Libra at MC, Venus conjunct Jupiter in Leo, Moon in Taurus.  Yes to all things creative, artistic, harmonious, beautiful – but – strong earth placements deliver practical, healthy sensibilities.

I had to share this picture/video link here on GMA.  I love the simple pleasure Sonia and her mother create by upcycling children’s freakishly over glamourized dolls into toys vastly more realistic/healthy for kids.

bratz2Tree Change Dolls Etsy Tumblr

Picture speaks volumes, yeah ? 
Here’s the video.

As an oddball sidenote: mannequins freak me right out.  Dolls are ruled by Venus and mine is an 8th house (death/creepy) Venus square Neptune (fakes).  I about jumped outta my skin once when I ran into an Iman mannequin locally.  I’m a Trekkie and a Bowie fan, so I immediately recognized her face, but I had no. idea. real people were used to fashion fake ones … until then.  eep.

Peace out
Be yourself
Gneiss Moon

2 thoughts on “Astrology of Clever

  1. Virgo in me jumping up and down saying love it to 1st part. I hate waste and like to get throwaway pre loved pieces and giving them some love and making lovely and practical items which I use or give away. Double Sag makes me laugh at the doll piece remembering when I was an extremely active child who used to coax my younger sister into climbing shed roofs with me where we were curious to see what would happen to our dolls if we threw them off to the ground. They were our earliest not quite right biology lessons. Funny I didn’t have a fear of heights then.

    • haa not quite right, exactly – love it ! Writing this post made me think of Sid’s mangled Barbies in Toy Story. Seems we all go through that phase…
      Barbie – no powers, no spaceship – boring !
      ::: ditch :::
      (That sounds worse than it is)
      I am a grown woman with no kids, but I have toys, love to play. Leo acting up !
      The fixit manifesto is brill, yah ! Covers the Cap/USE & Aqua/Invent trad/modern rulerships quite well !
      Cheers herongrace x

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