Ancient keys of wisdom

FullSizeRender 3The Philosopher’s Stone

Quick reading for Venus square Saturn.

Saturn is the restriction, the slowing, perfecting, deepening, building, work, time, and the aged sage.
Venus is love, art, social graces, kindness, beauty, finery, flattery, money, trades and partnerships.

Squares indicate inner turmoil that leads to intense growth as we work to use the energies wisely.  Internal metamorphosis.

Reading purpose: to identify what we collectively need to ponder for personal enlightenment, highest growth.
1 Card above is Saturn – the stuck place.
2 Card below is Venus – the giving place.

1 Contrast: (card number 17 or 8)
Seeing the differences, comparing, compensation of energies.  This is further highlighted by 8: gains and reversals, regeneration, Samsāraor continuous flow.
Saturn in higher mind Sagittarius focuses exploratory student/teaching, learning, philosophies – particularly while Jupiter is Rx in Leo.  We compare and contrast former versions of ourselves – what is working and what is not.  Change is imminent, a decision comes.

FullSizeRender 4Dark Goddess Tarot

2 Ereshkigal – Sumerian Goddess of the Underworld.
This goddess is queen of death; descent followed by resurrection.  She, with the face of a lizard, holds burial gifts.  She is derived from a Mesopotamian funerary figure 1K years older than the cities of ancient Sumer.  She is from a time when Above and Below were not so separated.

No one may return to the land of the living.
No one can rule both Above and Below.

Trust the insights that emerge from your depths, subconscious seas hold many keys to unlock ancient doors of wisdom.  Know thyself.

Pisces is strong: Venus (exalted), Mars, Neptune (ruling) and Chiron (the healer) are in the sign of healing, cosmic connections, day & night dreams.  Follow where intuition leads: know your surroundings and see the patterns emerge,  

Keep digging, for discoveries are near, but deep.  Know your deal breakers, be aware others have them as well and act accordingly.

Earth healing is magickal at this time.  Clay, tree, root and stone.
Cleansing via 7 day burial of sacred objects is recommended, as are Earth offerings.
Energy clearing.

Gneiss Moon