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Apologies, slowing in posts as my mother (Moon) was having surgery. (All is well, thank you.)  Of course we are heading into a Gemini Full Moon, Mars in now in Aquarius, Uranus Pluto square :exact: grows stronger (15th, more here) and Saturn is in the last degrees of Scorpio aka saturation.

Mars supports early degrees fire sign points – they feel a big boost in energy while Saturn grinds away/tests the last degrees of all fixed signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius increasing the friction.  Full Moon Messeges are all over the shop: breathe deeply, take in more info, breathe out.  Gemini rules the lungs – focus on the breath helps calm all the nervous energy buzzing round.

The card above was drawn for the changing energies listed above.
Identify, investigate, integrate.
Highest most benevolent outcome for everyone.

The crucible of reconciled halves.
This card is based on Baphomet by Eliphas Levi.
Hermaphrodite twins, caduceus, light and dark moons.
 Facing the inner animal nature can be the truest test for it is only YOU left to bless or to blame YOURSELF.  Squares inherently hold this energy for they take place on the inner landscape – they are inner friction leading to massive changes/growth – when handled correctly they can be more powerful than trines !

The artist notes a lesson via Joseph Campbell:
If you cross a threshold and are not ready, the gods will appear as devils.

This card represents realizing how to integrate all the elements: Fire, Earth, Air, Water.
Knowing and working with all the elements present in our world/vibration creates a balance in the natural order of life.

Layers of conscious/subconscious are meeting each other toe to toe/eyeball to eyeball with many planetary energies changing signs, elements and vibrations.  Saturn in the last degrees of Scorpio digs especially deep into the mines revealing what is buried and needs to be purified. Keep in mind Saturn in Scorpio is also in supportive mutual reception with Pluto in Capricorn – they are in each other’s (ruling) signs working together, assisting each other.

All manner of past, time, fathers, authority and demolition/rebuilding are taking place within and without.  Much of this metamorphosis is tangible, visible on  the material plane – though be aware – much is also hidden.

This card represents the inner wild animal meeting the inner tamed human – the alchemy that inherently exists within, the kundalini force of power that begins in the root and ascends.  Such is the material plane, life on earth school, lessons of contrast and the reconciliation of opposites

This card indicates swift fulfillment of material world gain/lessons.  Reaping benefits and gratitude for same.  Discernment, discretion, discipline, self-mastery and self-reliance.
This card carries the vibration of NINE.

Gneiss Moon

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