Working together

photo 9Quantum Tarot

Spirit/Crux card first today.
6 Pents
Quarks never exist singly, they always make up composite particles called hadrons.
Hadrons come in two forms: baryons have (3 quarks) both protons and neutrons; mesons are one quark and one anti (matter) quark.  Mesons are very unstable and don’t last long.
Hadrons are fundamental to atomic nuclei, thus all physical matter in the universe.

Pents = earth, $$, also Venus (vids here)
Six (Venus) is change within flux – balance between giving and receiving, composite groupings which change us through give and take.  This card encourages us to consider the dialectic between giving and taking and what part of the spectrum we currently occupy.

Uranus is the unstable here – the enlightener, the rebel the perspective shifter – the lightning bolt, the unpredictable.

The question last – targeting the energies of Venus/Moon in Cancer against the square to Uranus/Mars energies in Aries for greatest insight.
photo 8Three of Cups – Three is a nod to Jupiter and growth

Mercury leaves Cancer to meet Jupiter and Sun in Leo later today.  Power of three – with Venus joining the party August 12.

There are two types of star clusters: large globular (old and dying stars); open clusters (less dense, younger stars).  The Pleiades is an open cluster visible to the naked eye.
Open clusters are rich in exotic phenomena such as pulsars – one star can have a dramatic effect on its neighbors.

Gatherings of 2 or more, parties and brainstorming – synergies that are on the way with thinking, speaking Mercury heading into Leo the Lionhearted.

Creative juices and stimulating encounters are happening internally with the square, but they are born when we integrate our lives with others.  We SEE what we need to change when we move about our lives in an ocean of others.

Balance within flux.
Synergy = Coexistence
The whole is greater than the simple sum of its parts.