Playful trickster



Mercury in Leo communicates with confidence, flair and gusto due to influence of the Sun.   Glowing positive thinkers filled with sunshine, creativity and romance are the norm for this placement.

Mercury is mutable, dual; Leo is fixed which brings a steadiness to the mind.  Sharing ideas, expressing themselves eloquently with style, grace while backed by powerful projection is to be expected.  This placement heralds excellent teachers due to the ability to hold rapt attention through their skill at combining the creative with the intellectual. 

Leo Mercury is  a playful trickster brainstorming takes place on the paintball course or on the sports field.  You are likely to see them thinking/talking/juggling with their hands, drawing or in some way using their hands to enhance creative thought processes.

The Mercurial mind under influence of the Sun enhances physical agility, provides persuasive powers, enhances clear communication, rapport with authority figures.  Sales is a natural as is working with young people, in sports or creative writing/speaking fields.


5 thoughts on “Playful trickster

  1. I was wondering what was happening because I suddenly got this burst of creative energy to make little yoga films.. And I have been wondering why now? I knew it had something to do with the current energy we are riding. With my Gemini sun, Aquarius moon, Leo Rising it is starting to make sense.
    I have been offline for a while. But I am back. and look forward to reading more of your spot on astrology.. 🙂
    Big Love~T

    • Hi Tiff – Loved your vids, good work !
      Cool evenings, my energies are focused on cleaning my garage.
      LoOong overdue…
      Found some cool music stuff that can live together.
      Papers + fire, hilariously apt for the Leo/Scorpio astro of the mo.
      Cheers !

      SoOo… I was curious, looked it up – Uranus + Saturn rule garages.
      Moon conjunct Saturn conjunct Mars in Scorpio at the mo – square a plethora of Leo Sun Mercury & Jupiter.
      Roaryalty all over the shop. heh.
      CSNY up on twitter – be sure to ck wookie @:10.
      Fabulous Sasquatchy Leo hair represent.
      This, with the above tokens, I find amusingly accurate + insightful.
      Think Phoenix.
      You know who you are. x

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