peace in the mindfield

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New Moon 9 59′ Aries
March 30
Chicago 1:45pm 
London 7:45am
March 31 Tokyo 3:45 pm

During dark moon, blood slows, it’s time for quiet rejuvie, reflection, getting rid of getting rid of extra baggage.
This is a dark moon in Pisces (moving to Aries) emotional baggage needs to be jettisoned.

Apt the card I pulled refers to dreams (Pisces/Neptune) and subconscious mental workings….finding peace in the minefield.
Change the vibration of your thoughts, emotions.
Will your world to change through the power you possess inside.

Filter your soul of negative experiences via art, healing, poetry.
Repeat a positive mantra aloud, write it by hand or symbolically.

Do yoga, mudras, meditations that specifically address your issue.

New Moon in Aries (conjunct Sun/Uranus) square Jupiter / Pluto opposition is delivering forced change.  Inwardly we already feel the need to bust out of our old ruts and start new.  If ever there was a time to set the emotional past free – THIS DARK MOON IS IT !

The past demands feelings be FULLY present in order to metamorphose into our more nurturing, diplomatic, EQUALLY FAIR chosen future at New Moon.
What feels right ?
Jupiter is exalted in emotionally rich Cancer.
What do you choose to nurture ?

Mars Rx in Libra calls for justice, truth within yourself (retrograde) about any and all relationships – including those with others.

Power of Three aka Jupiter.
This card highlights the first stage of growth begat from the intermingling of opposites to produce a third independent energy.

Triangle also points to maintaining health of Mind, Body, Spirit.
Aries New Moon has Two T-Squares (triangles) with focal points being


I am familiar with this continual reboot energy.
Choice is imminent, forced, actually.
Venus and Mars Rx support each other – blessed relief.
Mercury and Jupiter support each other – student/teaching – emotional thought patterns are enriched, fueled – ALL SYSTEMS GO.

more soon…weird day.  Moon into Aries roughly 11 hours.


1 thought on “peace in the mindfield

  1. After posting this, I passed a car with the license plates HORSE 42.
    Of course, being a Hitchhikers fan, I know 42 is the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything.
    42 = 6 in numerology, which is ruled by Venus = balance within flux.
    Six here.
    I am sharing here because both upcoming eclipses are in signs ruled by Libra.
    Jupiter factors large being exalted, in Cancer and opposing Pluto in Capricorn.
    Jupiter rules Horses & this is the Year of the Wood Horse.
    This is a message meant for everyone.
    peace out

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