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This is one of my fave decks – The Book of Doors, obviously Egyptian.
The book is fantastic, very scholarly – knitting the universe together, granting sideways divinations / perspective shifts which I adore !

During all this Sekhmet work yesterday, I pulled one card for the answer to:
What is Sekhmet trying to tell us with these Eclipses ?
As always, highest intent for good resulting in ultimate manifestation for insight, success.

Family of the Moon (mind)
:::Note Mercury/Uranus conjunction at Lunar Eclipse :::
The maternal Vulture and the paternal Bull characterize this family.
The city of Ammon is considered the navel of Egypt – Venus rules navels, which is worthy of note with these Eclipses.  Our Milky Way is the Cosmic Cow, providing nourishment, stability and the fixed grounding of the bull. (Taurus)

The Moon and Saturn are bound by the number 28.
Moon orbits Earth in 28 days
Saturn orbits Sun in 28 years.
Saturn is the higher octave of the Moon  – – Fascinating, yes..?
Submultiple of 28 – 7 marks a woman’s biological fertility cycles (lunar)
7 also marks human cell replacement.  In the human body, all cells are replaced within a period of 7 years, and every 28 years a karmic change will take place, which is also known as a Saturn Return.

From Khens, “To travel”.
Khonsu once represented the phases of the moon, he was a messenger of the gods  called The Traveller.  Short distance travel/messages are Mercury; Jupiter, long.
When his father became known as Amon-Ra, Khonsu became 
identified as a young sun god, associated with the moon and sun.
See the image above – Khonsu wears the crescent of new moon surmounted by the moon and sun united in an eclipse.

Eclipses are particularly powerful for magical work.
Trust, more re: this later….

Khonsu holds the scepters representing reunion of spirit, soul and body unified in resurrection.   Lunar phases were the first way of measuring time (Saturn), ruling the tides in harmony with the cosmic law of Maat (who is considered the intelligence of Sekhmet).

Khonsu represents rejuvenation in the body
Esp. fluid functions of the blood and reproductive organs.
He makes the sap rise.

With all of this in mind, as well as what I wrote in yesterday’s post regarding these Venusian themed eclipses….

Khonsu represents Exorcism of mind or body.


2 thoughts on “Rejuju

  1. Wonderful card Gneiss. A phrase I was given leading up to this was “doors of perception…
    portals…gateways” I really love that Huntsman arrow card too. I see it as the arrow is fired but returns bringing down the Sun and Moon energy of this eclipse which is consciously earthed through the body. I would love to see some more of this deck.

    • Thank you. I obliged with 2 more cards in today’s post.
      Yes, pulling down the fixed earth for Toro, New Moon (Sun, Merc) exalted Eclipse. In the ballpark of my natal moon, shy by 5.
      The build up to this April is already intense for me, which is why it took a bit to reply, apologies.
      Ura sq Plu heating up, Saturn bang on Neptuner now (half my chart by aspect), last eve everything Pisces square Sag Mars. Cat fights & blood to prove it, gifts backfired.
      My boss said today, ” whadda matter ? You got a hitch in your giddy up ?”
      I am limping on both legs (yes, seriously) and am off to a salt bath.

      Huntsman reminded me of my brother and Norman Reedus, later Katniss HGCF because I know you love that movie. All good.

      Also that red apple reminded me how hard it is to shoot straight with Neptune square natal Mars. Depends on what I am aiming at I suppose. Luckily, a real sweetheart showed up, shot that fucker for me when I couldn’t. Mars at the backdoor does have its advantages.

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