239 of 370

GT flightTitania’s deck, easy to see, yes…?  I chose it for that very reason.
Tiny card in lower left is from the Psychic Tarot of the Heart.
I chose it as additional crux card.
It is card 17 Heal, a man breaking chains of confinement.
Heal is companion to the Star card in the trad tarot deck.
Hope.  (Mine) aura, vibrations.

Question: Where are the 239 people of missing flight 370 ?
Moon card was charged as ‘people/group’ card.
That is 5 of 1 btw., which further supports my new moon theory below.

Grand Tableaus take up to an hour to read there is layers of deep info.  Now that I am feeling more or less human again after a week long battle with cold/flu, I have lots of catching up to do with paying gigs, so I will make this concise.

Coffin on Rider not good, Cross backing it up is loss, sorrowful burden w/out a doubt.
I def got loss of what little communication was present (scythe to birds).
Two signals (birds is two) being tracked.  Also I know documents fall under letter, but passports specifically delineate homeland so I am going with house (knighting clouds and tower) as fake gov’t docs (house also knights stork/mountain) aka get outta jail free.
I will add here, storks is often a promotion, a step up or free flight; I am using stork for what was going on after 370 went off radar aka left the nest, so to speak.
Seems the plane circled back around (stork knighting ring/garden) because there were two destinations, possibly two planes. (birds/house knighting stork; ship mirror birds)

Electrical issues with comms (heart on scythe/sun on birds knighting ship aka plane).
Ship (plane) flies over fish on key so I don’t think it sank as much as landed in the wrong place (anchor fox) which at this point remains a mystery. (Key on clouds)
Plane def met with huge blockage via bear/mountain.

I find it very interesting that star is the crux card drawn as well. Star is a card of hope and guidance, wishes and success.

Hope remains but the people are in the wrong place (star knights house/fox), also I gather separated by gender.  (Man woman far apart as well as scythe knighting anchor/lily on roads; anchor knighting birds/scythe) Men outside or favored in some way (man /sun), women in a walled (on house coffin) or otherwise confined area, also either public or gathered in a group (garden/woman).  Man is on house whip signaling arguments and strife between men re: peace (whip on lily).

By new Moon we will have more info (book open to child on house moon) and it likely will involve asking for ransom of some kind – the literal flow of something is imminent.
This situation is not necessarily evil, but has the earmarks of being very complicated snake mirrors ring.  Snake mirroring ring is also commitment to clever thinking and repeats/search parameters.  Social climbing likely (dog on stork/snake on dog).

Oddball left field bits:
It strikes me how literal that last card is “if you want your family back” tree on cross (lower back).
Bear and Mountain, Himalayas region, obviously…also possibly near *Burma…?
(Star features prominently in their flag.)
The 239 know they are being looked for (Moon on star; also current Uranus – rules aviation – focal point T-Square) which helps give them strength. (Clouds on flowers/flowers on bear)
Mars rules accidents, aggression – is now Rx in Libra (partnerships/open enemies).
*Burma (now Republic of the Union of Myanmar) and Tibet are Libra ruled, please note that the upcoming April Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is at 25 Libra in the Cardinal Grand Cross; at which time Venus will trine Jupiter in Cancer.  Venus and Moon rules public matters, Jupiter foreign matters.  More news is forthcoming, until then If I were searching, I would look near the southern Himalayas.

Edit: Moon knighting key on clouds/ lily on roads highlights peace regardless of outcome – found or not.

ALSO NOTE: I am not placing blame or fault on anyone, place, people or thing.

Just making that crystal clear.
Thank you.