bean in the bell

praying mantis kitties first full day 013

Camera-shy Mantis I spotted this afternoon….cool.
Mantis totem is Pluto ruled – the small but mighty, as mentioned in previous post.

Master Metamorph in depth here under rulership.

I was cutting this roasted red bell for making Enchanted Forest ZA.
Look what it has inside !
It is an example of parthenocarpy literally meaning virgin fruit or formation of fruits without fertilization or the formation of seeds. Check out the groovy magnetic resonance imaging of a red bell growing a tiny pepper bean like it here.
Read, nest egg 013
Earth and her critters are endlessly fascinating.  I’ve been working, watching my new kitties get the hang of the place and each other.

Mercury into Scorp at Casa Luna means small animals (Virgo/Merc rule) get a new life, new turf to research… and ultimately, healing via total transformation.

New pattern recogs are off the charts.
Versatility is key – one viewpoint ends, another begins

Mercury feels much the same with humans as it enters Scorp – ways of thinking, seeing and perceiving shift from balance and harmony (Libra) into penetrating research of still waters, probing the mysterious.  Personal expression is more is fixed, focused – ideas and comms secretive, with the intent to phoenix.