shifts in the crust

MC Escher natal interp here.
Whopping Uranian/Gem/Sag crust/shift/master !

Absent, of late, yes.

Coming home to roost, everyone is.
Jupes in my 7th !
Very busy month – physically, mentally, spiritually !

For all those OTHERS showing UP and saying HI – you are the FABRIC of my WEB.
Thank you.
My late 9th Virgo Sun transit was a sandwich of hard work, dreams & guts oozing out.

Deep DEEP  breath.

You are STILL behind.
…wait… ARE you still behind ?

You have so much work (Saturn/crust) around you …. and what is time anyway ..?
In Flux, like everything else.


Deep DEEP  breath.

Early Sept brought Virgo organization, health snap rousing me from sickness prior to family visit, earthquakes in mental sectors (Uranus on Saturn ruler 3; Virgo stellium transits + Ura square Plut mambo) work sectors (2nd job that is).

I lost a feline friend.
Uranus squares Pluto; Pluto rules death, Uranus adoption.

So this despondent, lonely, multi-Virgo went to the animal shelter with Gemini Moon (Mercury rules both Virgo & Gemini & pets) transiting her 6th house of Virgo.

Yes, I know astrofiends, I had it coming.

Relaxing music had me in tears as I am swooning over two shy sweet long-haired beauties that had grown up together (sweetheart male oddly named Lynnie, family thing, soz), and were purring like engines, but reining Mr. Handsome at Casa Luna is the Bud Supreme, I had to pass.

So anyway, Gemini can mean double trouble…aka: pay the fee for one and a donor will pay the other.

I’m IN.

May as well back the truck up and load ’em up – – 
all 50 or whateves.

For BIG CAT SHELTER info please see:
Shambala – West coast
Exotic Feline Rescue Center – Midwest
(East coaters – sound out, please & thank you !)

Unbelievable softie where kitties are concerned – Venus/Jupes in Leo ya know.
SoOooOo  Kitty cat convention at casa luna in the pm.
Two lovely ladies, one slightly ornery.
YaY !

Back in the saddle writing, cleaning for incoming family again, more posts asap.
Thank you for reading

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