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My lovely gift this solar return . . ? .  .. spirit comms via my Mother and Sister.  
I will explain.  
My phone is faulty, won’t ring for incoming calls, so my Mom and I play phone tag.
She picked up her phone thinking the new voicemail was from me only to find it was notifying her of a voicemail from my (late) Dad from several years ago.  My Sis chimed in, “He must’ve wanted us to tell you Happy Birthday.”
Very cool, and sweet.

This kind of stuff is normal for me (Sun/Uranus/Pluto + packed 8th), but I must admit, it has increased in frequency (Uranus) with the Uranus Pluto square.  

Pluto stations deliver POWER to the areas of taxes, joint money, sex, death and rebirth as well as opening the door to the mysterious realms of the afterlife.

Years ago, when my family was scattering my Mega (3rd house stellium) Aquarian brothers ashes in the river near his happy hunting grounds, everyone heard his ‘head’s up’ whistle from the woods on the other side of the river.  No one was visible over there. Murmurs of “Did you hear that ?” were passing between all of us standing on the opposite shore.

This was before I knew astrology and could read his chart full of personal planets in Aqua opposing Pluto in 9 (long-distance comms from after death; also posthumous fame.)

Think astrology doesn’t work…?  
The natal goes on even after death, transits still trigger it via others still living.
Amazing…yeah ?
I just looked.  My brother would be having a Saturn return (exact) in exact square to his natal Moon in Aquarius, with transit Venus applying square to natal Aqua Venus by one degree.
Our primary conjunction revolves around his Pluto and my Venus/Jupiter in Leo.
So I write of him and his death and life afterwards here.

My Dad, his Uranus is conjunct my natal Toro Moon.  Transit Toro Moon just popped over that conjunction this weekend as both my Mom and Sister (moon, women) delivered an angelic message (Uranus).  Transit Uranus was conjunct both of our Aries Saturns (Father), transit Venus (daughter) was conjunct his natal NNode (future) and Moon (women) in Pluto-ruled Scorpio.

Pluto is death, rebirth, afterlife, phoenixing and the mysterious.

Sun (spirit, creativity, awareness) is square (an obstacle of creative tension) Pluto now.
What do you hear from the Other Side ?


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  1. Wow what a birthday present! A phone message from your dad, how cool! I’ve been reading a little about the “morphogenetic or M-Field”. My theory is that sensitives have leaky valves and we get these odd bleed throughs of info across the cosmos. I suppose the best action is to recognize these as being the norm and not the weird and to relentlessly pursue this state of awareness. You see all of us 12th. house, Neptooneys are the fore runners of science, ha ha! I’ve been getting glimpses of how active we are on the astral with our schooling, lots of different teachers teaching large, small groups of us probably most nights. The Dalai Lama 1 of our favourites, but there are so many.
    Glad you had a lovely solar return and trust you will have an “interesting!” year.
    Happy equinox all! Spring here and all my many baby birds in nests are happy and I’m busy feeding parents.

    • Yes it was a lovely message, and thank you for the well wishes also !
      I am also a big fan of Rupert Sheldrake, love his work with natural instincts and fields of perception, M-Fields. The Trilogues Lectures esp.
      Love that you get glimpses of the astral schooling, evidently I am downloading bigtime during sleep, but then I have Mars in 12th house sign, Sagittarius.

      Too bad I don’t remember it all … science geeks and grief conselors, I have heard. While clearing my notes yesterday I found a reference about a pelican dream. Have to be looking that one up asap.

      When my family (including all the pets) were sitting outside the most beautiful powder blue damselfly landed between us for just a second or two. We all saw it, so more to learn about d-flies.

      Happy equinox to you as well, and happy birding !

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