Sages of the Ages

This opening sequence just doesn’t ever get old – love it !

My friend and I watched an epic TREK IMAX, then headed off for Games after.

This week just WoW.
Fantastic reactions (spoilers) to the Red Wedding here.
My friends pets have come to my rescue at the edge of my seat more than once – lady are you okay ?!? – particularly during Daenerys / Unsullied, and of course Sunday.

Who saw creepy dude from 2 ? episodes ago wearing the dead rodent around his neck ? …which I only saw on second viewing…hilarious costuming.
Stunning work cast and crew- stunning !

This past episode I had to let stew a bit.
Yeah, no kidding.

 Immediately evident was how a great illustration it was of Saturn Rx in Scorpio sextile (mutual reception) Pluto Rx in Capricorn while everything trundles off into Cancer.

Cancer is warmth home Mother and private family
4 – opposite – 10
Capricorn is cold hard Father political, public social climbing.

The danger during
(Mars ruled Aries) Uranus
Pluto in (Saturn ruled Capricorn)
is that in a Martian rush to be the first to hold power, the first to claim CLAIMS, we run the risk of cutting loose the wisdom of the wise ones, the elderly.

Move forward and cull the dross
but also keep close the wisdom of the shamans and the sages of the ages.