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Soulcards 2 
The Book of Shadows Tarot

My query: what to focus upon during such a deep lunar pull of watery Cancer energy for our most beneficial growth.
Such an interesting draw for the Cancer energies at play, yes ?
Intent, as always, is profound insight leading to most benevolent outcome for all of us.

Cancer energies include:
Mercury in Cancer (stations Rx June 26) at 7 degrees Cancer (stations direct July 20 at 13 degrees Cancer)
Venus in Cancer (enters Leo Thursday June 27)
Sun into Cancer June 21
Jupiter into Cancer June 25

Hands up – interesting since Gemini rules hands and hands up in class means you want to speak your mind. Some ideas should be picked, perhaps others should not.
 Soulcards I generally leave to your interpretation, though this time I had to pop that in since I see the correlation.

New Moon in Gemini 18 degrees
Saturday 8 10:56am CST, USA

Look to your house of Gemini – (eg. mine is 6th, health and daily routine) here is where you set positive growth intentions for the upcoming lunar phase – they will grow to full with the moon. Seriously – set positive intentions with each breath – do it everyday, but new Moons are especially, traditionally good for this.

With a ton of Cancer coming up – tradition is a key factor.
Womb and the tomb – lunar phases
– ya dig ?
Go with your gut.

Also be aware Neptune stations Rx prior to New Moon
June 7 3:24am CST, USA
Emotional currents in flux – here we have the Moon at low energy ebb, and the planet of the Sea shifting.  More on this later, just know your illusions and dreams are best put to paper or artwork or healing or music.  Luna Lush could rear an ugly incoherent head really easy, so steady as she goes…

Second card – pendulum, very cool.
Everything pendulum here. 
Two of Air

Gemini is air – New Moon (conjunct Sun)
Mercury (air) rules Gemini (and Virgo)
Venus rules Libra (air) and Toro (earth)
Jupiter is expansive learning + higher communication – global

Pendulum indicates spirit translating into the emotional world – communication incoming.  What we hear will lead to emotional growth – what we speak will likely do the same.
Dualities and pairs strengthened.
Balance keen.
Yin Yang
Yes No 

Be mindful of your thoughts as they will create your world of matter.


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