Radical familiars


INTENTION – First House – Aries, Mars ruled
H e a d s p a c e
Expansion – Jupiter

Goal-directed thoughts.
No stats.
You are the scientist – you determine
How many thoughts float across your mind in a day  …  ..    .. ?

Consider each thought a burgeoning world.
We are collectively bending a new head space.
Radical familiars.

with love

3 thoughts on “Radical familiars

  1. Hi! I just wanted to thank you for your blog. I am in Montreal and I read you daily since many moons… Thank you for all your inspirations, I really appreciate it! From “Mutable Nepquarian”…

  2. Thank you kindly, Mutable Nepquarian !
    Last post was cut a bit short due to scrambling for kitties, heading to the basement during windstorms. Tonight a night off, more up tomorrow,
    cheers !

  3. Reading Lynne McTaggart (again) which inspired this (short) post
    if you want a quickie fix without the book – fast forward to 40:13

    She has written (among others)
    The Intention Experiment : Using Your Thoughts to Change Your Life and World
    The Field : The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe
    The Bond : Connecting Through the Space Between Us

    Lynne has Aquarius Sun, Venus (love of alternatives, scientific bent)
    Zero degrees Pisces Mars, Jupiter ::Jedi :: (both trine Uranus in Cancer)and North Node all in Pisces
    Wants to heal the world, Uranus opposes Mercury in Capricorn the mystical seagoat – makes for intense practicality behind the woo-woo alternative healing – proof, facts, figures to back it up.

    Saturn in Libra is focal point of a T-square with Urnanus in Cancer, Mercury in Capricorn. She heavily notes balance and fairness in our emotional/spiritual/physical bodies in tandem with the same balance in our closest relationships is extremely important for good health – but this is also true in our greater global community.

    ps. Re: Intention, I Agree with Art. Speaking from experience.

    mowing, Star Trek IMAX, post after, maybe. good day all

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