Brain on Mars

Mars in Gemini
(Mars into Cancer July 13 8:22am)

Mars rules Fire
Gemini rules Hands, Fingers
Venus rules Juggling (Libra) and Swallowing (Taurus)
Mercury rules Gemini, writing, script
Mars (and Saturn) rules tattoos

Mars into Gemini amps up / aggravates all communications, thinking and learning via your neighborhood network.  Action, reaction and versatility between the two is revved up <~> incoming and outgoing mailbox will be a revolving door until the 13th of July.

Cerebral observations of dualities, pattern recognition & information sorting are primo at the mo.  Avid curiosity re: any and all information (be it your biz or not) and ferreting out of facts just got promoted.
Ideas popping like corn in the brainpan ? –  Y E S !
Mercury rules the brain ~ are you
left or right brain ?
(Mars rules left hemisphere , Mercury right hemisphere)

Mercury rules the senses – and honestly the smell emanating from petroleum products…wtf !…the off gassing is atrocious !  Gemini rules breathing and the lungs making this passage of Mars a great time to do some breath work.

Mars into a Mercury ruled sign can amp up the anxiety level if you are prone to it – do some Nada Yoga, or measure your breaths by making humming (bumblebee) noises as you exhale, it will help calm and detox an overactive brain in a jif.

Mars in Gemini is a determined and outgoing thinker, often rash and blunt in speech, great with languages – they love to think – ideal mate is intelligent, shares ideas.  Mars is a hardcore flirt here; loves variety and spicing up the day with witty repartee.  Be on alert for low qi Mars Gem traits: too much game playing not enough substance, unreliability, snide gossiping, scatterbrained thinking, yadda, yadda, yadda.