I watch the wheel, see the aspects and give future forecasts.
This is what everyone wants to know.

My life is @*#&#% ! !
What the &#%^@ is going on ! ? !

I have more tools (Mars rules tools) than I have ever had before.
I know what energies are at play, I see the challenges ahead, I know I have choices.

The energies influence the issue, they do not force the issue.

I turn a curious eye to advice – I kick it down to y’all, I write it, you read it, but in the split second moment of crisis, do I think : “oh wait, let me see… Sun is square Neptune and Scorpio Moon is on Saturn, so I had better excuse myself for a moment to hide in the basement.”

Hell no !
In certain scenarios, the best and only choice is pitching a fit.
That is why it is called growth.

Yesterday I was struck – yes struck – by the word pleasant.
Pissed me right off like being hit upside the head with a brick.
Too afraid to touch what lurks deep..?…because it is unpleasant.
Oooh Ick !

Don’t have a dark side ?  Bullshit.
Everyone does – and in these aspects – it is / they are surfacing in broad daylight.
Why try to hide it ?
I see it, I’m looking right at it.
We ALL are.

Smarmy veneer frosting the turd.
Fake as.
I don’t trust anyone who is not well acquainted with their dark side.
One must experience both light and dark to know them well, to respect them both as equal parts of the whole – is to have mastered them.


My 8th house Uranus friend and I were weeks ago cussing and discussing the merits and flaws of status quo.  We crave it, the moments we can relax into, knowing that for the blink of an eye, all is well. Then stagnation sets in, we have too much of it.

Status quo.  
y  a  w  n
boOooring !

Out it goes – then in her words, she stirs shit up, gets some action happening, shifts the perspectives. That is Uranian through and through.
 I am Virgo Sun/Uran/Plu 9; Sag Mars quintile Uranus, with eclipse near – not on – Mars.

I identify with her statement, and will add that I will respect anyone far more if they dish me the ugly truth – straight no chaser – rather than pour me a pretty lie.

Happy Sun square Neptune y’all.
 ps.  If you feel the need to pitch a righteous fit in order to learn and grow – you have my blessing