Sirene sings

Lenormand Revolution / Olympus tarot.
Quickie read for energies of Sagittarius eclipse.

Ancestor wisdom, long term growth both above and below as it relates to the yang or outgoing masculine energies of the world.

Sirens represent temptation – spot on for the Neptunian waters squaring the solar principle in Gemini.  She waits for an equitable exchange of energy – of action – a balance of the number two inherent in this card of dualities.

Patriarchal society has been held sway by Venus for centuries.  
The wrong side of Venus – the love of money.

Our Earth demands LOVE – love of common sense, intelligently sharing and replenishing limited resources – we must maintain balance and harmony with ALL universlings.

Asteroid 1009 Sirene is nearing 13 degrees Gemini – square Chiron in Pisces.

The Chiron wound in all of us – learns everything in order to try to self – heal, thereby becoming an intelligent healer, teacher and mentor to others.  Use your chart, your skills to heal yourself as best you can, then widen your circle to include others.

Globally – Sirene is singing us a shipwreck – we must wake up to change !  
Now !
We must resist crashing our resources, resist plunder and destruction of our only home.

We must take care of our Earth, the oldest and wisest of us all.
Our Mother.


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