You have Ravens !


Game of Thrones (Moans !) freaks need no explanation, for those unfortunates who do need explanation – ravens carry MESSAGES.

Thanks to the Ravens gracing recent posts, the Trickster I am (Merc MC) as well as those Tricksters near me, in addition to SUPERSIZE ME Jupiter in Gemini bulking up the DUALITIES, I am delivering another Scorpio Eclipse message.

The bigger picture (Jupiter) dawned on me as I was flying around getting ready for work… my Saturn Rx is in 3rd – thinking.

Jupiter in Gemini is flanked by Lilith (untamed feminine) and Hephasteus the God of Blacksmiths, the hot and cold reforging – the fire and water metamorphosis.

My post Small World featuring the Hang Monkeys was right on for World Awareness – Pluto is the Masses, Moon the Public, or rather the wave-like fluctuation of the Public.

Full Moon of course opposes Sun – this Eclipse is drawing out the difference between WOMEN and MEN.

Patriarchy vs. Matriarchy
BALANCE. (Venus)

Pillage and Destroy or Nurturing and Growth

The choice
is OURS.

At our core we know Gaia needs us to be responsible stewards of our Earth Ship.

Sun is flanked by VENUS and MARS in Taurus.  
Venus rules Taurus, she is STRONG, and after the Occultation of Venus – she is EVEN MORE ATTRACTIVE – MORE INFLUENTIAL – MORE LOVING.

All this Taurus opposes Saturnian EARTH & Plutonic METAMORPHOSIS.

Note both are focused inward during retrograde.  Venus and Mars are personal planets of energy fluctuation as are Sun and Moon.

Saturn is the FUNNEL, >> into the Plutonic microdot << think blackhole of everything funneling into steamlined efficiency of the singular – the hermit on a mountaintop alone.
NEEDS rather than WANTS

This is where our metamorphosis lies globally.
USE – intelligent use of supply.

Personally – think about the energy you ATTRACT and the energy you GIVE OFF.
Apply the same – intelligent use of personal energy.

enlightenment is NOW