Meanwhile, Magicks


April 25
Partial Full Moon Eclipse at 5 degrees Scorpio
Lords: Pluto, Saturn (and North Node in attendance)

Manifestation Magick brought to us via Saturn Rx and Pluto Rx during a Scorpio Full Moon.  Saturn Rx is work.  Flat-out work.  Scorpio is what is hidden within you, Pluto is both the painful death and re-birth of something clutched tightly within your core self.

This eclipse is primal core fusion:
 Sun in Toro Wants – Moon in Scorpio Desires.
 Balance is sought between the two.
Conscious (Sun) self ambition vs. Subconscious (Moon) Emotional self needs

Saturn Rx sextile Pluto Rx  with Eclipse Moon is the chance to change your Emotional goals.

Pluto Rx in trine to Toro Sun conjunct Mars and Venus is assistance, harmony and growth directly funneled towards Re-forging Personal Wants. 

Pluto Rx square Uranus in Aries is a shift in forward motion – Saturn Rx and Pluto Rx are calling for change at the ROOT CELLULAR level first.
Can’t very well move into the future with the past yoke and choke.
Yes Toro is the throat, so I do mean choke.

I know what is on my plate very well, I have been dealing with it for years on end, so if the daily posts go into some eclipse shifts – you know I am working from the backdoor.
Please be patient, thank you.  Every one of these 3 eclipses is triggering something in my natal, plus I am a Virgo Sun Uranus Pluto girl, so the closing of the square is getting intense.  WheeEeee Whadda RIDE ! ! !

Keep your goal in mind – loosely – for while eclipses signal change, not all will be evident immediately, nor should it be if what you undertake is to be lasting change.
This eclipse is likely to trigger all manner of deep set conditionings that are useless and need to be jettisoned in order for you to move forward into your METAMORPHOSIS.

One last thing to keep in mind I have noticed myself and happily read in Jeff Bridges book The Dude and the Zen Master is this…

What you think will be the BIG THING often isn’t. 

Jeff mentions working up a big scene, prepping, getting his game on – only to find that the big scene he thought would be troublesome isn’t – and the little scene he wasn’t giving much thought to – was.

In my work writing here, I find I am often yes, doing the Virgo thing – micro managing the precise word – one teeny little word keeps my left brain transfixed, so my right brain can funnel the universeOften some genius* turn of phrase or concept is zapping into the text elsewhere that I am consciously unaware of.  (3rd house Saturn Rx trine Sag Mars; Mars Q Uranus Virgo 9)
* Meaning the healing phrasing seems jarringly ultra personal – though I am thinking and writing in a global mindset.

Triple Eclipse, side of Square mantra
Adaptation, Improvisation.