Bend it, shape it

Wednesday 10
New Moon 20 degrees Aries
4:35am CST, USA

Friday 12
Pluto Rx 11 degrees Capricorn

Saturday 13
Mercury into Aries 9:37pm

Monday 15
Venus into Taurus 2:25am

Friday 19
Sun into Taurus 5:03pm

Saturday 20
Mars into Taurus 6:48am

New Moon in Aries is a great time to burst forth with new projects, wear cleats and focus on your goal.  Uranus, Moon, Sun, Mars and Venus are revving their engines !
Fire POWER plus – enthusiasm, courage, high-wattage inspiration all hit the pavement burning tread at the starting line !

SoOo Much Energy is backing This Fresh Start –
Go For IT !

Get your game on, next full moon is an eclipse !

Thursday the 25
Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 5 degrees Scorpio
The urge to set off in new directions is keen – plethora of Aries gusto squares Pluto in Cap as it is in energetic flux – periods around stations magnify issues of that planet.

Morph the past – bend it to suit new needs, new directions.

Tim Gunn