LoOoving the detachment of Moon in Aquarius.

Tired of feeling mental rather than being mental.

For everyone suffering out this square or difficult oppositions, find your anchor.

Physical activity for fire
Building for earth
Emotional creativity for water
Communications for air

Paramount for me – grounding via a FULL nights sleep, separation from anxiety triggers, lavender and candles at night, either lectures or meditations to lull my brain towards happy subconscious shores.

Uranians are popping out of the woodwork – FIRED UP – Uranus Sun Venus Mars Aries is SPARKING the human electrical grid, MAGNETIZING us to one another.

Uranus nearly on my Saturn Rx ruler in Aries has been exceedingly strange – even for me.
My Saturn Rx trines Mars (fire to fire) which in turn quintiles Uranus (earth,9) .
 Transit Saturn Rx opposes my Toro Moon, I feel the past and time acutely on a normal day – during this transit, doubly so.

Why am I not reading publicly yet ?
People are ahead of you.
Simple as that.
 They know who they are and have been waiting and standing watch over me while I crawl out of the ditch I dug myself into.
I made a promise, and I AM KEEPING THAT PROMISE.

Saturn Rx in my 3rd trine Mars in Sagittarius is in my case, a truly tragic case of knee jerk comms with a heavy dose of Uranian weird followed by soul death and rebirth via Pluto.
Many, many things I have been slowly putting to rights for many, many years.  My mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health is bound to this promise, as is my happiness.

I cannot do readings until I fulfill my promise to those I swore it to.
At that time, when I finish, I will begin reading for others.
Only then.


Moon into Pisces 
Saturday 6
8:00am CST, USA