Bird Feathers

New Moon in Aries quickie read !

Decks are: Wildwood Tarot; Lenormand Revolution.
Intent – clarity re: new Moon, what to focus on for most benevolent outcome coupled with highest success for all my lovely readers ! 

Page of Stones – Lynx
Earth of Earth.  Manifestation of thought seeds on the material plane.  Mindfulness incarnate.  Where thoughts go energy flows.  Studiousness of self and environs; being observant of ripples you make in the pond of peoples and universlings.  Steady progress coupled with cunning and cleverness.  Being observant, tracking and hunting your goal.

Stork & Anchor
Steady increase.  Leaving behind that which does not serve your highest good.  
Birds of a feather flock together.
Brace points, responsibilities, commitments.


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