Soul Chariot

The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed. – Carl Jung

Love the synchronicities popping up all around with Aquarius and Gemini energy strong at the mo.  Fabulous Kismet moments are sparking up the ether.

I have been thinking about the internet & connections between earthkind.

note: Wild animals already have this one locked down, humans are working on unlearning what we have learned.

A few months ago I put a picture of myself up on GMA.  I silently watched the numbers climb until I grew so uncomfortable, one tick of the numbers was the last straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back.

The thing about photographs capturing the soul. . .? . . . eeegads I get thatI don’t like being stared at by people I don’t know – I prefer to be judged on the merits of my mind.

Neptune (film, photography) in my chart is under duress – opposition Moon (conflict via public) and square (inner turmoil) Venus / Jupiter in Leo in the sooper private, secret detective, 8th house of sex & death.

Sun rules Leo and they both rule the SPIRIT, the SOUL.
(for the curious: Pluto and the 8th house rule soul mates.)

I have a Leonine energy that hates the spotlight, hides at high noon, occasionally gets sunstroke…I am the Leo energy that prefers the shadowy dark.  One day that picture of me appeared; within a couple of days it was uncategorized, another and it was untagged – then it went private indefinitely.

So when it gets mentioned on social sites – and it always does…
::: omg I am freaking out !  ‘WHO can see WHAT’. . . ? !? 

I get it, I really do get it – I am a hermit: work & home – that’s it.  I struggle with what to reveal…my friend Debra Clement once described me as fearless, though I think foolish is also often the case.
You won’t see my face on the internet  (ironically) – instead, you see my soul.
Virgo SUN / Uranus / Pluto in 9th house of publishing.

Humans are metamorphing, evolving – this social networking / sharing is the precursor to mental telepathy.  We are practicing how to wire our brains differently, daily.

Morphic Resonance is collective memory, it works like the domino effect, one gets it, then another, then another, until the ALL ONE gets it.
It fascinates – a bird learns to peel a berry in one country – then via the grid of understanding – a bird across the world begins to peel his berries too.
Mitakuye Oyasin : We are all related.

So when my friend Donnaleigh wrote about online interaction, I had to do a draw myself.

First question: “What am I learning on the internet about personal boundaries?”

7 CHARIOT: Clearing a path through opposing forces through strength of WILL.

This one’s screaming MARS !  Opposing means my Slow ass Saturn ruler going backwards in its fall in gung-HO Aries – while in trine to Mars (rules Aries).
I may be slow, but I AM steady – and I won’t ever give up.  Mars in 11th house – natural house of Aquarius (polarities) quintile Uranus (rules Aquarius). Ruler of 11th (Pluto) conjunct Uranus.  (7 – spiritual development, choice – Uranus)

Light and dark, taking the good with the bad; don’t want to reveal but need to in order to illustrate.  Personal balance, public balance – timing and control.  Mirrors and eyes of others; the abyss looking back.  Watching behavior I want to emulate in opposition to those behaviors I want to jettison.  Sense of self while in a sea of humanity.  Master Jedi, Padawan apprentice; teaching while also being an eternal student.
Second question: “What are others learning on the internet about personal boundaries from me ?”

NETER of NETERU: Anything can be done, nothing is impossible, expectation of the unexpected.

Love this !  No number – is both above and below.  It is an ancient symbol of the standard, the cosmic axis or flagpole, where the roots of place indicate spirit above and below.  Flags are emblazoned with words or images which carry (warp and weft – polarities) earthy messages to the spirit world through the etheric winds.
I am digging it that you are all reading the polarity vibes here – feeling the subtlety of spirit, the vital breath of life in the words as they traverse the grid. . .

The Synergy between questions – Where We Meet.

5 SPIRAL: Unfolding potential, the hidden is revealed

Early stages of positive growth – the tiny acorn holds the enormous oak.
Patience, attention and sensitivity. (5 is a number of change, growth – Mercury)
We meet – energies interact – we are transformed.
:: BALANCE within FLUX ::